A New Bleach Game Could be in the Works

Bleach Fans may have something to look forward to, as it looks like a new game in the popular franchise is in the works. If it actually sees the light of day, it will join more than two dozen. Bleach Games that have been developed since 2005, a year after the anime originally aired.

The long list of Bleach games began with the PlayStation 2 fighting title. Bleach: Blade Battlers in 2005, which spawned a sequel in 2007, both of which were Japan-only releases. Since then, the franchise has released several more fighting games while also dabbling in other genres such as side-scrolling action and tactical RPGs. In 2018, it was announced that some of the most popular Bleach Characters will be added. Jump Forcean anime crossover fighting game that will be released next year.

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Last seen by fans in 2020. Bleach: Immortal Soula turn-based gacha card game released on mobile devices, and the 2015 Steam release of the mobile game Bleach: Brave Spirit. But the drought may be over: a United States trademark has recently been filed for the title. Bleach: Resonance of the Soul. The trademark, as of this writing, is still in pending/active status. But the filing states that the title will be used for an entertainment product/service developed for “online computer games” on “mobile phones, personal computers and handheld computers.”

The trademark will also cover downloadable software, the document said. Bleach: Resonance of the Soul Title on mobile, PC and handheld. It doesn’t specify which platforms the game in question will appear on, and including the aforementioned devices in the file may simply be a matter of developers/publishers covering their bases. However, going by the recent offerings from the franchise, it could be that this new offering is also a mobile game. However, the trademark leaves room for a possible future release on PC, as was done with this one. Bleach: Brave Spirit.

In the summer of this year, fans heard rumblings of a possible new game in the franchise, and some speculated that this The Millennium Bloody War arc from the new season of Bleach Anime Many previous games have taken place with or in between anime or manga arcs, often filling in gaps or diving into side plots.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to tell where the story is Bleach: Resonance of the Soul may lead, or if it will connect with the show at all. For now, though, fans can brace themselves with the new episodes. Bleach While they wait for more news on the franchise’s video game future.

Bleach: Resonance of the SoulOf The release date is currently unknown.

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