A Plague Tale: Requiem is the End of the Series for Now

The developers of the upcoming cinematic stealth game A Plague Tale: Requiem say that the game will be the end of the series for now.

Just before the start of A Plague Story: Requiem, the developers say that this game will mark the end of the series. The first game from Osobo Studio, A Plague Story: Innocence, was a sleeper hit that caught on with fans due to its eerie environmental design, dark atmosphere, as well as the sibling dynamic between Hugo and Amicia de Roone that was an integral part of its narrative. The sequel will follow some of the plot threads from the last game, including the supernatural rat powers possessed by Hugo himself.

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with A Plague Story: RequiemWith the imminent launch of the game, fans are probably wondering if the game will get another follow-up or if this will be the end. In a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog, game director Kevin Chouteau answered many of the burning questions fans may have had. It includes details on how the game has evolved in terms of its AI, mouse behavior, as well as the story and its characters. He also noted that this could potentially be the end of the series.

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Without going into any spoilers about A Plague Story: Requiem, Choteau says he thinks the streak ends here “for now.” However, he noted that he and the development team are looking at the reception of the game before making a decision. Choteau notes that players ultimately drive the development of the game, and if they don’t like what the entry has done, then they “have to do something else.”

Choteau notes that while looking for team reviews A Plague Story: RequiemHe will celebrate by throwing a big party at the studio. He said that the team took into account the criticism and feedback from the previous game during the game’s three-year development cycle, and polished it into this one. Requiem is now. Chouteau says he’s very excited and proud of the small development team, he wants players to enjoy what the sequel delivers and give them what they want.

So far, reviews for the game have been mostly positive according to early reviews posted. GameRant’s own review A Plague Story: Requiem Shines just as well, with graphics, set pieces, and an engrossing narrative compliment that carry over from past games. The game aims to be more ambitious than its predecessor in both gameplay and story. If this is the conclusion of the series, it looks like it will go out on a high note rather than a low whimper.

A Plague Story: Requiem Launches on October 18th for PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

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