Adam McKay Pledges $4M Donation to Climate Emergency Fund

Adam McKay is taking another public step in the fight against climate change.

After his climate disaster inspired film Don’t look up, the director announced Tuesday that he has pledged $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund, which provides grants to environmental activists. A longtime activist himself, this is McKay’s largest donation ever to any issue, as well as the largest personal donation in the history of the Climate Emergency Fund. McKay has also joined the Board of Directors of the Climate Emergency Fund, where he will assist in strategic decision-making and fundraising.

“The Climate Emergency Fund is unique in its commitment to funding civil, nonviolent, disruptive activism. We are past time for civility, past time for baby steps,” McKay said in a statement. said in the statement. “I am proud to support their efforts and call on others to join me in doing everything possible to stop the rapidly worsening effects of the climate crisis.”

McKay’s donation will allow the Climate Emergency Fund to continue supporting disruptive protests in the U.S. and beyond, investing in groups that urge elected leaders to take immediate action to avert climate disaster. Dedicated to giving.

In support of McKay’s donation, producer, philanthropist and social activist Abigail Disney also announced a commitment of $200,000 to the Climate Emergency Fund. “Past generations have failed us, and now it’s up to us to take immediate action to stop climate catastrophe,” Disney said. “I’m proud to stand with Adam in calling on brave activists to support the Climate Emergency Fund and others to do the same. We have no time to waste.”

“We founded the Climate Emergency Fund because activism works – history shows it. Grassroots movement is the fastest and most effective way to bring about the change we need right now,” Climate Emergency Fund Co-founder Rory Kennedy added. “Adam is a visionary filmmaker and philanthropist, and we are excited to officially welcome him to our board.”

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