Adrianah Lee Thinks Mizkif Should Be Banned from Twitch

In the wake of Mezkiv’s return to streaming to twist, fellow streamer Adriana Lee wasn’t shy about sharing her thoughts and how she feels about the ban for one of the platform’s biggest names. The comments come as Mizkif remains on leave from OTK, pending the completion of a third-party investigation into allegedly covering up the sexual assault of Adriana Lee by Mizkif’s former friend and housemate CrazySlick. It’s the latest wrinkle in an issue that’s been at the forefront of Twitch for nearly a month and that, as Mezkiv’s return suggests, may not be fully resolved for some time.

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The aforementioned allegations against Mezkiev surfaced in September 2022, claiming that he helped cover up the alleged sexual assault of Adriana Lee by fellow streamer Crazy Slick in January 2020 at a party in Austin, Texas. was Maya Higa was also accused of attempting a cover-up. The alleged assault happened days after the party, influencing the original statement provided by Adriana Lee. Shortly after being accused of covering up CrazySlick’s alleged actions, OTK placed the organization’s co-founder on leave and began a third-party investigation, which is ongoing as of this writing.

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Adriana Lee’s latest comments came during an appearance on Camstar’s Mom’s Basement podcast where the streamer was asked about her thoughts on Mezkiv’s recent return to Twitch. She was upfront with her frustrations with how she was received on the platform, saying it highlighted the difference in audience perception of female streamers on a male-dominated platform. He was then asked about Twitch’s idea of ​​banning Mezkayev, saying that he approved of the idea and thought it was appropriate given the severity of the allegations against Mezkayev.

Mizkif returned to Twitch in early October 2022 after being offline for nearly three weeks due to the allegations and active investigation. His comeback stream reached nearly 60,000 viewers, though he did not discuss anything related to CrazySlick, his allegations, or the investigation, saying he had been advised not to do anything until the investigation continued. Don’t talk about it. Despite this, he received criticism from several other streamers, including Hassan Packer and Wolfabel, who felt that his seemingly neutral attitude was inappropriate, or that he should not have been live at all.

As for the potential ban, this would hardly be the first time that Mezkiev has been targeted with one by Twitch. One such ban was imposed in 2020 after he and fellow OTK founder Esfand made several inappropriate jokes about a female content creator, resulting in a seven-day ban. However, given the severity of Adriana Lee’s allegations and the pending outcome of the investigation, some viewers may argue that Mizkif’s days on Twitch may be over, though it remains to be seen if that will be the case.

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