Amnesia: Rebirth is Finally Coming to Xbox

Frictional Games’ Amnesia: Rebirth is set to appear on Xbox Game Pass alongside a selection of horror hits that are perfect for Halloween.

Xbox recently unveiled a suite of horror games set to debut on Xbox Game Pass in the lead-up to Halloween, and chief among them is 2020. Amnesia: Rebirth. A psychological horror adventure dripping with atmosphere and tension, the title was originally released as a PS4 console exclusive, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S owners, along with Xbox Game Pass subscribers, finally got the horror Will get a chance to play before. Style comes out of favor once again after the holidays.

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Developed by Fractional Games, the team responsible for defining the genre of the 2010s Amnesia: Dark Descent and action Penumbra series, Amnesia: Rebirth When it was first released, it was considered something of a mixed bag by fans. Focusing more on a dark story that focuses on trauma and hardship, many saw it as a step in the wrong direction compared to the unforgettably terrifying struggle to stop the darkness and what lurks within the original game. was That said, the game eventually found its audience, and general audience consensus became more favorable.

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both of them Amnesia: Rebirth And Amnesia Collection—a compilation of the series’ first two installments—is set to launch on Xbox Game Pass on October 20. While the former is certainly the marquee entry as a result of its previous PlayStation feature, the latter, a duology of indie hits that helped redefine the psychological horror genre, is overlooked. Should not be done. Not for Amnesia: Dark Descentsuch as historical horror hits the last, Waageand even Resident Evil 7 May not result.

Scary as they are. amnesia The games aren’t the only horror titles slated to appear on Xbox Game Pass ahead of the Halloween holiday. Fractional Games’ famous drowning spookfest Soma will also be available, as will the isometric survival horror title published by Humble Games. Indicated. Incidentally, PlayStation’s PS Plus Premium subscription service will indeed be discontinued. Soma On October 18, as well Red Dead Redemption And its horror themed Undead Nightmare Extension.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers in a panic mode might want to check out, too. tauntAn immersive action-adventure title that doesn’t feel like it’s far from it all. amnesia Series taunt It launched as an Xbox console exclusive last week, and, while its relatively hands-off approach to gameplay has made it somewhat divisive, it’s still a satisfyingly sick six hours. is one that checks many of the same boxes as its new Game Pass cohort. Amnesia: Rebirth.

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