Among Us Releases Halloween Update

Inersloth Among Us releases a Halloween update, adding spooky cosmetic elements, bug fixes, and social deduction gameplay improvements.

Indie studio Innersluth has released a Halloween update for its most popular release: Between us. Version 2022.10.18 adds spooky cosmetic elements, bug fixes, and various improvements. Between us Experience

Although not as widely played as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Between us A popular game night pick and a way to make friends online around the world. In a ___ Visionary In the podcast episode, Innersluth co-founder Markus Bromender admitted. Between us was dropped before its viral success. Still, with social distancing and quarantine enforced, gamers and non-gamers alike enjoyed the space-themed social distancing game. Even after its heyday, Innersluth continues to undergo changes big and small. Between us For the avid fans.

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Innersluth community manager Chris Dorsey explained the various Halloween updates in a dev log. Spooky decorations now adorn MIRA HQ and The Skeld. Chevy, a mini crewmate and one of them Between us Cosmetic pets will match the color of the player’s chosen crewmate. A variety of Halloween-themed items, such as witch hats and werewolf-eared Cosmiccubes, are available in-store until October 31. Dorsey also briefly mentioned an upcoming “hide and seek release” that is currently being tested.

Further updates address existing game issues and aim to improve the user experience. While the map previously showed the location of an emergency meeting, the update allows players to see their last location when the meeting is called instead. gave Between us The team also changed the user interface to increase the visibility of the kick and ban buttons in the lobby and during emergency meetings. Gamers can now select the “Manage Account” link with the controller.

Players are coming back. Between us One might be surprised by the number of changes that have been implemented since the game’s peak in popularity. One shock may be that users need to create one. Between us Account to play. The additional security measure was introduced in an effort to increase accountability and prevent hacking, fraud and harassment. In this update, temporary accounts on Android and iOS will be able to randomize their names.

For the cutter Between us For fans, the updates are a welcome addition to their gaming experience. Between us It continues to grow and expand to various platforms, showing its versatility. In an upcoming version, Screenshake will be an option for consoles. To commemorate Between us VR Launch, Inersloth will be gifting players with a free VR Visor cosmetic in the month of November.

Between us Available on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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