Amouranth Claims Verbal Abuse from Husband, Shares Disturbing Messages

In one of his recent live streams, to twist Streamer Caitlin “Amoranth” Zaragoza accused her husband of verbal and psychological abuse. Amaranth is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, and while she’s open about her business ventures and investments, she’s managed to keep some details about her personal life mostly private. Although there have been rumors about her marital status for years, it has now been confirmed that Amaranth is married.

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The revelation came in a disturbing live stream where Amaranth shared her husband’s shocking messages. A replay of the stream is not available on Amaranth’s official Twitch channel, but clips of the incident have been saved and shared online by various individuals. In the first clip, Amaranth is on the phone with her husband and accuses him of killing their dogs if she doesn’t stop the streak for 24 hours. Her husband responded to the accusation by saying, “No, he didn’t. Now you’re just pretending to be a liar.” He can also be heard telling Amaranth to take the dogs and leave the house.

In another clip, Amaranth talks about how her husband allegedly won’t allow her to reveal that she’s married because it would “destroy the business model.” She also indicates that she was made to “pledge to grind” when it came to the controversial hot tub streams because it was a “good financial opportunity” for the couple, implying that she Didn’t want to, at least to the extent that he did.

Please note that the following clips use strong language and contain content that may be disturbing..

In a third clip, Amoranth accuses her husband of threatening to leave her with $1 million and take the rest of their money, or he’ll “put it all into crypto.” Amaranth explained that all her accounts were set up using her husband’s number with two-factor authorization and that she had all the login information for their financial accounts.

In the fourth clip, Amaranth shows text messages from her husband calling her a “dumb f***” and making all kinds of threats if she doesn’t respond. According to Amaranth, at that time her phone was dead so she could not answer even if she wanted to. In a series of text messages, her husband threatened to “throw her stuff” and throw her stuff off the hotel balcony. He also threatened to delete Amoranth’s social media and forfeit the heir’s money, claiming he had already spent $750,000 in exchange for not responding. One of the more disturbing text messages seen in the clip is him threatening to make sure Amoranth’s horse Kieran was sent to the meatpacking house.

Amaranth has not streamed or posted on social media since sharing these messages.

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