Amouranth Makes Emotional Return on Twitch Stream Following Domestic Abuse Reveal

Content Warning: Domestic AbuseA couple of days ago, popular to twist Streamer Amaranth revealed that she had a husband who was abusive while streaming. His official channel no longer features these clips, but they have spread like wildfire online. Amaranth showed her husband abusive text messages, spoke with him on the phone where he can be heard saying obscenities, and revealed that she dominates his approach to streaming.

For example, he wouldn’t let her reveal that she was married and also said that he made her “commit to grinding” the controversial Twitch hot tub meta. Since then, Amoranth has not been seen on Twitch, but her content team confirmed that she was physically fine at the time. In turn, many streamers who knew Amaranth tried to check on the welfare. The police were also reportedly called to Amaranth’s house, again for a health check. Two days after the reveal, however, Amaranth appeared on the stream and revealed some emotional details about her path forward.

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During her comeback series, she revealed that she thinks hearing her voice in those clips and streams made her realize how abusive he really was. Of course, this does not justify his actions, but Amaranth is relieved by this fact. He has regained access to his accounts, which his partner seems to have dominated throughout his career, and they both want help. She keeps it as simple as she can about her husband but says she’s “looking for legal and emotional advice.” Those interested in a partial clip of the series can view it here.

She revealed that dealing with everything has been the main reason she hasn’t been on stream, which includes receiving a ton of visitors, police calls and more. She describes the current situation as “calm”. “I’m positive about the future, I’m glad I’m free. I’m glad the dogs are OK.” As for future streams, Amaranth says she’s going to take it easy “at least for now” and doesn’t know when/if she’ll return to a full-time schedule. She hopes to do more animal-related things on Twitch and joked that she’s looking forward to “wearing clothes” going forward, with much of her content being dictated by her husband.

Amaranth has received a lot of support from fellow Twitch streamers and fans throughout all of this, and will no doubt continue to do so. Whatever she decides, many are happy that things seem safe and calm.

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