Amouranth Visited by Police 'Multiple Times'

Popular Twitch streamer Caitlin ‘Amoranth’ Zaragoza was spotted by police after she accused her husband of abusing her ‘multiple times’.

Popular says a new update from Amouranth’s content leadership to twist The streamer was spotted by police “multiple times” after an emotionally charged live stream where she accused her husband of abuse. Amaranth recently had a heated phone conversation with her husband, accusing him of threatening to kill their dogs, while also sharing abusive text messages he allegedly sent her. were sent

The text messages stated that Amaranth’s husband had threatened to send her horse to a meatpacking plant, intentionally waste her money, and throw her belongings from a hotel balcony. Apparently, Amaranth’s husband has a lot of control over the couple’s finances, as their accounts are set up using his information with two-factor authentication. Amaranth has not made any social media posts or participated in any Twitch streams since then.

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Understandably, Amoranth’s fans and fellow content creators are concerned for his well-being in the wake of the incident. Amaranth’s content lead, known as TheRealMarzbar on Twitter, said people on her team were able to talk to her and she says she’s fine. According to TheRealMarzbar, the police went to Amaranth’s residence “several times,” but she kept telling them she was fine and there was nothing they could do. “She spent the whole day talking to her husband,” TheRealMarzbar concluded the statement, adding that she talked about the situation at the time and nothing else, sharing the domestic violence support number. Didn’t believe.

Before the live stream, many of Amoranth’s fans were completely unaware that she was married or in any kind of relationship. This was by design, as Amaranth revealed in the livestream. Amaranth explained that she wanted to tell everyone that she was married, because she thought it would help her relationship, but that her husband wanted everyone to think that he was in his “business.” part of the model.

It’s unclear what will happen with Amoranth moving forward, and when she will return to content creation. It’s possible she’ll take an extended break from Twitch and other platforms to deal with these personal issues, or she’ll return sooner than expected. Amaranth is one of the most-watched Twitch streamers with one of the largest fanbases on the platform, and he’s likely to return to his channel as soon as he returns.

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