Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan 3D Prints Beautiful Crescent Moon Chair Phone Stand

Animal Crossing: New Horizons uses 3D printing to create a phone stand based on the crescent moon chair design from the player life sim.

one Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player recently used his 3D printer creatively by creating a beautiful phone stand based on Life Sim’s Crescent Moon Chair. Demonstrating the efficacy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons As a furniture item as a device holder, the 3D printed piece is a unique way for fans to display a video game piece on their desks and tables at home.

With such a variety of furniture and beautiful accessories Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s no surprise to the fanbase that they want to create real-life versions of them. Over the years, many community members have created and developed real-world items from LifeSim. This includes popular furniture like the Froggy Chair, the Raccoon Wall Clock, even exclusive items gifted to players like Brewster’s Coffee, Mom’s Homemade Cake, and more. With such a beautiful aesthetic design of the Crescent Moon Chair, it is no wonder that a fan would want to have one in their home to use or admire.

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Showing off his 3D printing skills, Redditor ButtonHeartCreations shared several photos of the Crescent Moon Chair phone stand he was able to create with the game’s community. Game chair fans will likely appreciate the redditor’s incredible work, as they include details like the star charm hanging from the top of the chair. Buttonheart Creations also included a galaxy-themed stand to hold the Crescent Moon Chair Animal Crossing: New Horizons Star fragments are spreading through space. Knowing that the Star Fragments are used to make the chair in the game, fans will probably like this addition to the piece.

Check out Reddit for more photos.

Fellow fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons There were very positive comments for ButtonHeartCreations’ work. The piece is also actually shown holding a real mobile phone, which was appreciated by Reddit commenters. One comment even asked if the artist would consider producing more pieces and selling them. According to an Etsy shop found on the Redditor’s profile, the mobile phone stand is already up for sale and is priced at $34.99.

ButtonHeartCreations also has several. Animal Crossing: New Horizons items in their product range. Fans can love how the artist used the game’s DIY recipe designs, exclusive tickets from Saharah, Tom Nook, and more, and well-known in-game icons to create wearable and displayable accessories. However, given how passionate the community can become, fans should check out these items before they run out of stock.

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