Asghar Farhadi Invites Artists to Declare Solidarity With the People of Iran

Asghar Farhadi released a video in which he invited artists from around the world to express solidarity with the people of Iran in the wake of nationwide protests since the death of Mehsa Amini, who was allegedly killed by her clothes. After not wearing it was taken to a “re-education center”. Hijab properly

The filmmaker also sent a written statement in which he praised the “progressive and brave” women who led the protest alongside men for their human rights, and said they were seeking “fundamental rights” that the state would deny. has denied it for years.

“This society, especially these women, has traveled a hard and painful path to this point, and now they have clearly reached a historic point. I saw these nights closely,” she said. wrote. “I saw anger and hope in their faces and in the way they marched through the streets. I deeply respect their struggle for freedom and their right to choose their own destiny despite all the atrocities that have been inflicted on them.”

He continued by saying that he was proud of the country’s powerful women and hoped they would achieve their goals, before calling on artists, filmmakers, intellectuals and civil rights activists from around the world to stand with them. Ask to be.

“It is a human responsibility, and it can only strengthen the hope of Iranians in achieving this beautiful and monumental goal that they are seeking here,” Farhadi concluded, “a country where I have no There is no doubt that women will be the bedrock of the most important changes.”

Read his full statement below.

This is Asghar Farhadi, filmmaker.
You may have heard the latest news and seen pictures from Iran.
Progressive and courageous women lead the protest for their human beings.
The rights with men they are looking for are simple but basic.
The rights that the state has been deprived of for years. This society,
These women in particular have had a tough and painful path to this.
point, and now they have clearly reached a historical point.

I watched those nights closely. Most of them are young;
Seventeen years old, twenty years old. I saw anger and hope in them.
In the face and way they marched on the streets. I respect deeply.
Their struggle for freedom and the right to choose their own destiny
Despite all the atrocities, they are targeted. I am proud of myself.
The powerful women of the country, and I sincerely hope that through them
They try, they reach their goals.

Through this video I invite all artists, filmmakers, intellectuals,
Civil rights activists from all over the world and from all countries, and
Everyone who believes in human dignity and the freedom to stand up.
Expressing solidarity with the strong and brave women and men of Iran by making
Videos, written or otherwise.

It is a human responsibility, and it can be strengthened.
Iranians hope to achieve this beautiful and memorable goal.
Looking here, I have no doubt there will be women.
Breakthroughs of the most important changes.

For a better tomorrow.
Asghar Farhadi

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