Asmongold Calls Viewer Who Donated $3,000 to Amouranth 'Pathetic'

Twitch streamer Asmongold blasted a viewer who claims he donated $3,000 to Amouranth and is upset to find out he’s married.

recently to twist stream, Smoongold criticized a viewer who claimed to have donated $3,000 to Amaranth. Smongold is known to speak his mind on a variety of topics. While he’s primarily known for his MMO streams, Smoogold has often used his platform to discuss Twitch controversies, drama, and serious situations as well.

Recently, Twitch streamer Amoranth revealed that she is married, sharing verbally abusive text messages from her husband and streaming a phone call where he yelled at her and her. threatened to ruin his career. While many fans expressed concern for Amaranth after the situation, there are those who are more worried about the fact that she married against domestic abusers.

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Some of Amoranth’s fans have expressed outrage upon learning that he is married, as they were led to believe that he is single. As Amaranth revealed on a Twitch stream discussing her husband’s behavior, he wanted her to let people know she was single as part of her business model. Some of these disgruntled fans have complained about Amoranth letting them think she’s single, with one on Asmongold’s recent stream saying, “He took me for $3k and told me That he’s single, that’s not right.”

Please note that the following clip contains some strong language.

Smongold responded by saying, “I agree, I think you’re an idiot for giving him $3,000. I don’t think that’s right at all. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re pathetic. Losing your money.” of the.” Amaranth being married is a weird thing for people to worry about because it’s not like donating to a Twitch streamer means the viewer will have a real-world connection to them. This is an unrealistic expectation, to say the least.

Smongold described those types of donations as “stupid taxes” and said he wouldn’t say they were taken advantage of to tell people Amaranth was single. “They’re stupid and they’re weird and that’s what they get,” said the Twitch streamer.

Some big-name Twitch streamers have criticized the practice of donating any money to themselves or other streamers, pointing out that these content creators are already wealthy and make significant money from brand deals. On the other hand, there have been incidents of Twitch streamers harassing viewers for making too little donations. Regardless, anyone who chooses to donate money to a Twitch streamer should know that it doesn’t mean they’re going to get anything in return or the real world with whoever they’re watching. is about to establish a relationship.

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