Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Kassandra Actor Points Out Hilarious Detail About GOTG's Lady Hellbender

While one can argue that. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey A divisive title in the franchise, one character that remains hugely popular is Cannon’s protagonist Cassandra, played by Melisanthe Mahout. She is known for several TV roles, but among them Assassin’s Creed Community, he immediately connected with Cassandra. It is worth noting that she played the role of Cassandra. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey And Valhallabut for Ubisoft, he also played different roles. AC origin And in Athena Immortal Phoenix Rising.

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He is obsessed with her. Assassin’s Creed community quite a bit, and recently, he pointed out something about Lady Hellbender that echoed many fans’ original thoughts at the time of release. Indeed, she admits that she is late to the party, but if one AC The fan didn’t play Edus Montreal. Guardians of the Galaxy, They must have learned about it from his tweet.

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Short and sweet, she explains that Lady Hellbender looks exactly like Cassandra. The community was happy to see that he also connected and talked about how many he had. AC The community referred to Lady Hellbender as “Blue Cassandra” at launch. It’s a bit scary, but really, the only real difference is the correct shade of hair and visibly blue skin. Die Lady Hellbender’s hair, and fans will be Cassandra in space.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time an NPC has looked like Cassandra. when The creed of the killer When first revealed, many people were quick to note that Randavi looked like Cassandra, and at one point there were some theories that they were the same. As many know, Cassandra manages to survive for thousands of years thanks to the staff of Hermes, and eventually gives it to Leila. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The similarity between the two was also turned into a joke by Ubisoft, as Cassandra appears in it. Valhalla (with the crossover), Ever finds her as he is looking for Randavi. Both had matching specifications.

It could then be argued that Randavi was intentionally intended to look this way, but it seems that Ubisoft’s Odyssey and Valhalla The crossover DLC was more last-minute than some fans had hoped. In fact, this is because Ubisoft still had open pipelines. The Odyssey And thought of doing something with them. This is why it is unlikely. Original And Valhalla Get crossovers, because they will need to resurrect old pipelines. Now, of course it’s unlikely that Lady Hellbender has anything to do with this, but it’s strange how fans can see the immortal Cassandra everywhere, including in other titles.

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