Bandai Namco Patents System for More Exciting Digital Trading Card Games

A patent filed by Bandai Namco claims a redesigned UI for digital trading card games, suggesting a Digimon or Dragon Ball client is in the works.

A new patent filed by Bandai Namco Suggests that the developer is working on an improved UI for a potential digital trading card game. While invaluable Techkin The developer is best known for its various video game franchises, the studio also produces several trading card games based on some of its series. Bandai Namco currently produces trading card game adaptations for both. Digimon And Dragon Ball Z, which neither has an official online client. Now, Bandai Namco is considering bringing its popular card games to the online space.

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Bandai Namco’s patent describes a redesigned interface for an online card game as a “game system, information processing device, and server device.” The patent shows a mockup of the new UI, which shows two players facing off against each other and includes separate diagrams to show the card design. A counter on the left side of the diagram may suggest that Bandai Namco’s early patent relates to the online. Digimon TCG The client, with the game running on the energy system.

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Bandai Namco’s new interface for online card games comes as the developer’s foothold in the card game market has grown in recent years. gave Digimon Card Game It celebrated its second anniversary earlier this year with the sport’s second World Championship set to begin early next year. gave Dragon Ball collectible card game It has seen similar success since its debut in 2017. Both franchises previously acquired trading card games in the early 2000s with franchises such as Pokemon And Yu-Gi-Oh! Gain massive popularity.

A new online trading card game from Bandai Namco will see significant competition with many of its competitors already making the jump to digital formats. gave The Pokemon Trading Card Game An official online client has been featured since 2012 with The Pokemon Company recently announcing a revamped one. The Pokemon Trading Card Game Client Konami recently launched. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dual Master As an online version of the card game, seeing massive success across multiple platforms. Only online games like The Shadowverse And Legends of Runeterra Digital also controls large spaces in the card game market.

While there has been no official announcement regarding the digital card game from Bandai Namco, both franchises represented by the developer have seen major releases this year. Long wait Digimon survive! After its 2018 announcement, it debuted in July after being delayed for several years. Dragon Ball Recently received the latest entry with its huge game library. Dragon Ball: Breakers Beginning of last month. A new digital card game for Digimon or Dragon Ball Want to see another high profile trading card game step into the online space?

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