Battlefield Portal Adding Persistent Servers

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has announced that the cross-platform multiplayer shooter will get support for persistent servers in a new update.

EA Digital Illusions CE, known to most gamers as DICE, has announced that support for permanent servers will be coming to its online shooter. Battlefield 2042 In a new update. The addition of permanent servers is the latest attempt to address many of the issues players have had with the game’s servers since its release, such as massive farming in XP. Battlefield 2042 This was the target of earlier updates.

Launching in November 2021 for PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Battlefield 2042 Launch is the latest entry in the long-running team-based multiplayer shooter franchise Battlefield 1942 In 2002 Large-scale battles on large maps with dozens or more players and a variety of vehicles for gamers to control, Battlefield The franchise has maintained a distinct identity over the years, leading it to other military-themed shooters such as Call of Duty. Although praised for its innovations in the online shooter genre, recent releases in the series have been criticized by many fans for their uneven quality levels compared to earlier entries in the franchise.

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In a news published on Battlefield 2042 homepage, DICE announced that support for permanent servers will be coming to the game with the upcoming #2.2 game update. The addition of persistent servers will allow the server to be visible in the server browser even when it’s empty, making it easier for community members to quickly start a game without the server owner needing to sign in and activate the server. will go The multiplayer shooter has suffered from low player counts since the game’s launch, at one point dropping so dramatically that a single player became the host. Battlefield 2042has a South African region, so DICE hopes that adding permanent servers will bring some players back to the game.

Although Battlefield 2042 Widely praised for its impressive graphics when it launched in 2021, post-launch complaints touched on everything from the game’s servers to the way vehicles handled quickly, which made the shooter Overshadowed by the bright visuals of A very long time Battlefield Fans were wary of the game even before its release, unhappy at the news that EA would be empty-handed. Battlefield 2042 Servers with bots. Even when improvements and new features have been added since the game’s launch, Battlefield 2042 It has struggled many times to develop new players and retain existing players.

The addition of permanent servers should be welcome news to online communities that still enjoy intense military action. Battlefield 2042Makes it easy to rush into a match with friends whenever a wish is fulfilled. This new feature may not solve all, though. Battlefield 2042issues, it serves as a signal that EA is still working to make the game live up to the legendary legacy of the series.

Battlefield 2042 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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