Bayonetta 3 Boycott Called For by Bayonetta’s Voice Actor after ‘Immoral’ Pay Offer

Hellena Taylor, the voice actress for Bayonetta, calls for a boycott of Bayonetta 3 after what she describes as an ‘immoral’ payment offer.

Bayonetta’s voice actor, Hellena Taylor is calling for a boycott. Bayonetta 3 After receiving what she describes as an “immoral” offer of payment to voice a character in a new game. This past week, Platinum Games announced that Taylor would not be returning to the role and would be replaced by Jennifer Hale. Taylor is now speaking publicly about the situation, asking. Bayonetta. Fans show solidarity and donate. Bayonetta 3 Funds for charity instead.

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Bayonetta 3 Game director Yusuke Miyata surprised fans of the franchise by confirming that longtime voice actors will not be returning for Bayonetta. Miata described Taylor’s replacement due to “various overlapping circumstances.” Taylor voiced Bayonetta in the first two games of the franchise. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime movie, and in both Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Her voice is famous for the role, and her replacement was hard to believe.

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Taylor has now explained why she’s not voicing Bayonetta. Bayonetta 3 And “overlapping circumstances” is an inadequate description, to say the least. In a series of Twitter posts, Taylor told fans that Platinum Games only offered him $4,000 to voice Bayonetta for the full game. She says that Bayonetta. The franchise has brought in as much as $450 million, excluding merchandise. “What they did was legal,” says Taylor, “but it was unethical.” Taylor says he only asked for a “day’s wage” for his work.

Because of the platinum decision, Taylor’s fans are asking Bayonetta. franchise to boycott the release of Bayonetta 3. She asks fans to take what they will spend. Bayonetta 3 And donate it to charity instead. Taylor framed it as a workers’ rights issue, and said she decided to speak out, “to stand in solidarity with people all over the world who aren’t paid fairly for their skills.”

Taylor detailed the process she went through, which began with Platinum re-auditioning for the role of Bayonetta. Bayonetta 3. She says the audition went great, but then she received a truly “insulting” offer. She says she contacted him again. Bayonetta 3 Executive director Hideki Kamiya asked if he supported her return to the role and received a glowing, complimentary letter stating that Taylor was “instrumental” in developing the role. After that the improved platinum offer became only $4,000.

Bayonetta 3 Releases on Switch on October 28th.

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