Bayonetta 3 Executive Director Hideki Kamiya Responds to Voice Actor’s Call For Boycott

Bayonetta. Creator and Executive Director of Bayonetta 3 Hideki Kamiya has shared a response to Bayonetta voice actress Helena Taylor’s call for a boycott. Taylor asked Bayonetta. Fans boycott. Bayonetta 3 And to send her money to charity instead, after she says Platinum offered her an “obscene” $4,000 to voice Bayonetta in the sequel. Kamiya has since shared his immediate thoughts on Twitter in what is the first official response to Taylor’s boycott.

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At the root of this problem is what Taylor calls the worker’s rights problem. Taylor believes the voice actors will be paid a living wage, citing Platinum’s offer of $4,000 for voice work. Bayonetta 3 as an insult. Taylor was eventually replaced, with well-known gaming industry voice actress Jennifer Hale announced as Bayonetta’s new voice actor. Bayonetta 3. Platinum Games says Taylor was replaced due to “overlapping circumstances”.

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Now Hideki Kamiya has commented on Taylor’s call. Bayonetta 3 Boycott via the Twitter account of the executive director of Platinum Games. Without directly mentioning Taylor, her allegations, or the boycott, Kamiya says, “It’s sad and sad about the behavior of the liars. That’s all I can say now.”

Kamiya added at the end of his tweet, “By the way, follow my rules,” referring to the strict social media rules he uses to explain banning certain people who message him. – Even about platinum projects. These rules have historically been seen as a joke, but in the wake of his latest tweet, his strategy is being criticized. In the past, Kamiya has said that its rules help keep “mindless insects” off its diet, with the promise that any non-Japanese messages mentioning them will be banned.

Suffice to say, Kamiya’s tweet is unlikely to help the situation. Kamiya is already somewhat of a controversial figure due to his Twitter presence and aggressive communication with fans. Using social media to respond to serious allegations by saying they are false, but adding no further context, is likely to complicate matters.

That’s not to say that Kamiya’s answer certainly doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. It is very possible that Platinum’s low offer to Taylor was intended to end the working relationship with him. The reasons for doing so are not yet clear. They can be “immoral” or they can be justified. Few would disagree that video game voice actors deserve to be paid and treated better, even though they often are.

Bayonetta 3 Releases on Switch on October 28th.

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