Bayonetta 3 Executive Producer Hideki Kamiya Restricted On Twitter Amid Voice Actor Controversy

Intentionally or otherwise, social media brand Twitter has become directly involved in this controversy. Bayonetta 3′The executive producer is Hideki Kamiya and the main character’s background voice is actress Helena Taylor, and it’s not just because there’s controversy going on. Twitter appears to have restricted Hideki Kamiya’s account after responding to Taylor’s call. Bayonetta 3 Boycott

There’s a lot to unpack here, but it starts with Taylor making a video revealing that PlatinumGames auditioned her to reprise the role of Bayonetta (which isn’t common) and that then offered him $4,000 to do the voice acting for the entire game. . There’s also been some suggestion online that there’s a cultural element and that these actions — forcing him to re-audition and offering him a flat, buy-in rate — are what many Eastern companies employ. Instead of firing someone, they leave not-quite-but-subtle hints to force the issue. Kamiya replied, and he left.

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According to Kamiya, Taylor was misrepresenting the situation and called what she said a “lie.” He then unequivocally threatened everyone online by ending the tweet with “Beware of my rules.” He pointed to Kamiya’s famous trigger finger for blocking people, which is a right anyone has on social media. However, it is clear that many people saw Taylor Bayonetta 3 Video, realized the injustice here, and took it to Kamiya. Right or wrong, Kamiya responded that he could block as many people as possible, and thus Twitter restricted his account.

The general consensus is that Kamiya must have blocked so many online users that Twitter’s automated system interpreted it as a possible mass blocking by a bot. With the number of people responding to Taylor’s boycott, it’s certainly conceivable and possible that Kamiya blocked too many people at the same time, resulting in her account being restricted because Twitter took it up. Tried to understand what’s going on, the technology and it’s self. Of course, there could be many reasons for this, but this seems to be what is happening here.

The situation is still evolving, and is unlikely to end soon. Bayonetta 3’s release date is coming up, many people are debating whether they should buy it or not, and either way, it’s all a big mess. None of this is directed at the actor who replaced Taylor, being the well-known Jennifer Hale playing Bayonetta, and that’s because it’s not her fault. She probably didn’t even know. And it’s all clearly a huge mess, with more likely to emerge in the next few days and/or weeks.

Bayonetta 3 Releases on Nintendo Switch on October 28th.

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