Bill Cosby Argues for New Trial After Losing Sex Assault Lawsuit

Bill Cosby’s attorneys argued Thursday that Judy Huth’s revision of the details of his case — namely the year he was sexually assaulted — unfairly denied the comedian the opportunity to investigate and interview those witnesses. Daya who could confirm his defense.

Jennifer Bonjean, who represents Cosby, argued that the 11th-hour correction warranted a new trial. A month before a jury found that Cosby had assaulted Huth when she was 16 at the Playboy Mansion, Huth said the incident actually happened in 1975, not 1974 as she initially alleged. It was installed.

Bonjean detailed how no discoveries were made for the new period. If she had known, she said, she likely would have been able to present several witnesses identified in visitor records discovered after the jury had already been selected to refute Huth’s allegations. were

“Mr. Bonjean said Cosby was very prejudiced because of the years’ late disclosure of the alleged events. “Our whole defense, an alibi defense, went out the window when Huth realized — if you call it that. want to say – that the events did not take place in 1974, nor did they take place at the age of 15.”

Huth’s case was the first and only case accusing Cosby of sexual assault to reach trial. In her complaint, she alleged that Cosby forced her to have sex with him at the Playboy Mansion after she and a friend met him at a park where he was filming. Let’s do it again.

Cosby has denied assaulting Huth or any of the 50 other women who have accused him of assault. The ruling in favor of Huth, who was awarded $500,000, is the only legal recourse — albeit in a civil suit — for Cosby after he was convicted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last year of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand. had to face it.

During a hotly contested hearing that represented Cosby’s last chance to toss the verdict out on appeal, Huth’s lawyers argued that the defense knew the exact timeline of the assault from the start of the trial. John West, representing Huth, hinted at the film’s shooting timeline. Let’s do it again.

Huth met Cosby in Los Angeles’ Lacey Park when he and a friend saw a movie being filmed there. West said Cosby’s lawyers were always aware that the scene was filmed in 1975.

During the trial, Cosby’s defense revolved around changing Huth’s story. Defense attorneys argued that Huth should not be trusted because he had lied in earlier testimony. Bonjean said during closing statements, “How? [Huth] Is it really too wrong to get it? Why? Because it’s a lie.”

Cosby’s lawyers also argued in support of his motion for a new trial that the court should not have allowed Kimberly Burr’s testimony about how the comedian molested her when she was a minor. was kissed Bonjean argued that the jury improperly relied on the evidence to conclude that Cosby assaulted Huth because of his history of engaging in sexual acts with underage women.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Carlin said he allowed Burr to testify about his encounter with Cosby as evidence of his intent.

Karlan said the evidence showed it was no accident — that Cosby thought she was 18. “[The testimony] This was not to show that he rapes women but to show that he is interested in minors for sexual reasons. Do you understand the difference?”

“I understand the difference you’re trying to make,” Bonjean replied. He contends that this testimony was introduced for the sole purpose of persuading the jury that Cosby had a propensity for abusing young women.

“No, it goes to intent,” Karlan replied.

The learned judge filed the petition.

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