Blizzard Reveals Why Many Overwatch 2 Competitive Players Are Ranking So Low

A developer blog posted by Overwatch 2 The team apologizes to all players who were inadvertently placed in a skill level too low for them, along with an explanation of the cause of the issue. This section of the post comes as a response to many people’s complaints. Overwatch 2 A player who, due to a bug, has placed himself in a bronze 5 skill level, regardless of ability.

This is not a secret. Overwatch 2 It’s been a quiet launch period over the past few weeks, with players regularly dealing with server issues, bad heroes and all manner of in-game queues. Amidst these issues, many competitive players were disappointed to find that they were unfairly placed in Bronze 5, one of the lowest skill levels. Overwatch 2.

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Blizzard’s post on its official website claims that the team discovered a bug that was affecting player skill ratings. Overwatch 2, causing some to be placed in the bronze division when they should have been placed higher. The team assures the community that they have fixed the issue in one of the latest patches, as well as taking additional steps to ensure that affected players are restored to their true skill levels as soon as possible. To be returned. A boost will be applied to players who have already achieved a rank in competitive mode to help them move back to their respective places.

The developers tease that while they currently have no details to share, fans can expect to see more improvements to the competitive game mode in the future, possibly offering player skill distribution. Increase in and how players are able to celebrate their ranks in the game. While nothing has been confirmed, these comments may come in response to player complaints regarding the new skill rank icons. Overwatch 2.

Although the game has had a rocky start, the community has generally been happy to see the large number of improvements that the developers have brought in recent patches. While the post also detailed the developers’ thoughts on hero balance moving forward, it didn’t offer any new information on returning Bastian and Torbjorn to competitive games, which were announced earlier in the week for their abilities. was removed from ranked mode due to separate issues. Doing wrong.

While some players have expressed some concern over the possibility of seeing changes to their favorite characters such as Sombra, Genji, and Torbjorn, many of the clarifications made in the latest blog post do much to ease the community. What is it. Brought with a revision of competitive mode Overwatch 2 Along with some double XP weekends in the near future, players have a lot to look forward to throughout the season.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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