Bravely Default Producer Hints At Possible Remaster of First Game

Producer of Bravely determined series, Tomoya Asano, is hinting that a remaster of the first game is possibly in the works. This clue was first dropped in celebration of the game’s tenth anniversary, and by extension throughout the series. Bravely determined First released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan under the subtitle. The flying fairy 2012 before receiving an international release in all regions in an updated re-release in 2013. It received generally favorable reviews, which compared favorably to the employment base. Final concept games, with a rich narrative and memorable characters.

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Sales success Bravely determined The series has led to a number of follow-up projects using the name, including what are known as direct sequels. Bravely secondwith an entirely different sequel set in another universe Bravely determined 2 For Nintendo Switch. Despite Asano’s success with JRPGs and the formation of Team Asano within Square Enix, the game that started it all is still stuck on the 3DS. However, a recent comment from the producer indicates that a remaster is coming in the future.

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During the tenth anniversary series for Bravely determined, Tomoya Asano, along with other members of Square Enix, went on to show off a high-resolution version of the game’s grand opening, where it will introduce the four Heroes of Light and the party members the player will use. It features Agnes Oblige, Tiz Arrior, Ringabel, and Edea Lee along with her ex-partner Airy. At the end of the film, he said “I feel like announcing a remaster. [Bravely Default:] The flying fairy The best possible thing will happen and the fans will want it. But at present I am unfortunately unable to announce anything like that.”

During the stream, Asano then stated that the reservation was a “for now” situation, hinting that a remaster might happen for modern consoles. He also noted that the team has grown a lot over the last ten years, and the potential of what they can do has also increased. Various other games were also discussed in this regard, which the Asano team is working hard to develop. It includes other JRPGs like the upcoming. Octopath Traveler Sequels as well as recently released games such as PC ports The Triangle Strategy.

Some players really want both of the originals. Bravely determined And Bravely second will be ported from Nintendo 3DS to Nintendo Switch, considering they are both still locked to the console. Some fans expressed concern over Square Enix porting the games to the Switch or other consoles, noting the original’s unique dual-screen setup and how some of the 3DS features used in these games would not be used. Regardless, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

Bravely determined Now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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