Capcom Working on Resident Evil 8 Fix After Recent Update Causes Crashes

Capcom has said it is aware of serious crashes when trying to run the PC version. Resident Evil 8 Since a recent update and ensures everyone that the issue is being looked into. with the Shades of Rose Closer to DLC release, RE The series is on the rise and has been since the seventh installment launched in 2017, which breathed new life into the franchise and helped bring it back to its horror roots. As well as for new content King 8fans can also look forward to a showcase that is happening at some point.

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Recently, Capcom teased Demon of residence The event, which at the time had no set date and was only coming “soon” but has since been revealed to air on October 20. Showcase is an opportunity for Studio to learn some details about the Gold Edition. King 8coming out on October 28, as well as covers its upcoming remake. Resident Evil 4 It is scheduled to launch on March 24, 2023. However, while many are eagerly awaiting the event, there are many players who have noticed some glaring issues with the PC version of the eighth entry.

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A recent update for the KPC version Resident Evil 8 Causing severe crashes for fans, players have reported that a message appears on boot up stating that their data is incompatible and then recommending a restart. Capcom posted on Twitter that the company is aware of the issue and apologizes to anyone who experienced the crash. The tweet also says that the studio is working to fix the issue, though there’s no indication when a patch might be inbound. Meanwhile, a report from Kotaku points to a work from Steam user FluffyQuack. So it should offer a temporary solution while the developer works on a more permanent solution.

With Gold Edition of Resident Evil 8 Just around the corner, October 28th is shaping up to be an interesting day for video games, in particular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 It also fell on the same day. With Ebb Software’s recent releases inspired by HR Giger taunt And the remake of The last of us Hitting the digital storefront in September, right now seems like a great time to be a fan of spooky stuff.

Helping define the origins of the survival horror genre Demon of residence has been a flagship release for Capcom since the mid-90s. While the fifth and sixth entries in the series were somewhat bland, the previous four are considered classics, while the two new releases, incl. VillageShow that there’s still life in this franchise.

Resident Evil Village Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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