Dragon Quest Fan Makes Slime Out of Wool

A Dragon Quest fan creates an impressive blue slime out of wool using a popular knitting technique that uses barbed needles.

Slime is one of the most popular enemies in the Japanese RPG space, and a dedicated one at that Dragon Quest The fan was able to make his own blue slime out of wool. Blue Slime is considered a series mascot, but there are many other Slime variants within it. Dragon Quest Universe

Reddit user u/sci_bastian made a blue slime out of it Dragon Quest With the process of wool and needle felting. The process involves preparing and transforming wool with a barbed needle to create 3D objects such as sculptures. Through repeated needle felting, the wool will begin to loosen its fiber bonds, and the user will be able to trim the wool into the desired shape. The user used a needle felting technique with different colors of wool to recreate the popular Dragon Quest mascot.

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According to u/sci_bastian, the blue slime consists of a wooly rough that contains most of the creation. The slime is naturally squishy due to the needling process and stays true to its appearance. Dragon Quest the game. Additionally, Slime appears to have a black outline around his smile as shown in this. Dragon Quest Titles However, the black outline is the result of Slime blending in with the red and blue wool indentations, causing some shading to appear around the mouth. Anyway, Slime’s squishy nature and mouth outline completes the wool creation.

Blue slime is one of the earliest enemies encountered Dragon Quest Series with valuable XP to earn. Slime appears in different variants during the game such as Metal Slime, Hellslime, and King Slime. The Slime family varies slightly from game to game, but many remain constant throughout the game. Dragon Quest Franchise In fact, Slimes can act as NPCs with their own unique dialogue and side quests.

The user’s wool slime creation is an impressive one that looks almost identical to the game’s monster. The quality of blue slime can even compete with Square Enix’s own Slime merchandise from Japan, including the famous Slime plush. Additionally, different colored slimes can be made using the needle felting technique, so there is plenty of room for experimentation.

Dragon Quest 12: Flames of Destiny News is scarce, but Mud will definitely be back for the next mainline. Dragon Quest Like entries and spinoffs Dragon Quest Treasures.. Players can also encounter slime-ins. Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Agethe latest mainline entry in the long-running series.

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