Elden Ring Player Makes 3D Figurine of The Crucible Knight

A talented player from Alden Ring has created a stunning 3D sculpt of one of the most challenging bosses in the game, the Crucible Knight.

A highly creative one Alden Ring The player creates a stunning 3D printed action figure of the Crucible Knight, one of the strongest bosses in the game. Alden Ring Bosses like Malenia have become household names in the gaming community with countless fans. Most players die tens or hundreds of times at the hands of these challenging bosses but still love them. Usually, fans show their appreciation through beautiful art such as drawings or paintings of their choice. Alden Ring letters

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On the other hand, some gamers take it a step further and use advanced techniques like 3D printing to create incredibly complex objects. Some fans make artifacts from the game, eg Alden Ring The player who created the 3D printed Malenia’s Helm. In comparison, others make smaller action figures. Alden Ring Characters like Rani and Melina. Similarly, a Reddit user has come forward to show off his artistry with a 3D printed statue of the Crucible Knight.

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Reddit user Suspicous_melon has uploaded a short video to the social media platform showing what he has to say about a 3D printed Crucible Knight. A user created Crucible Night Silveria version is found in the Depths area of ​​Deprot. Alden Ring. The action figure can be seen wearing Crucible Knight Silveria’s iconic Crucible Tree armor set, which includes a distinct helm with a branch-like structure. Additionally, the dubious_watermelon version of the Crucible Knight wields the Silveria Tree, a great spear, and appears to attack a rock.

The level of detail in the aforementioned Crucible Knight sculpt is admirable, as seen by widespread acclaim on Reddit. The original poster shared information about the build. Alden Ring Action figure and provided tips to others who want to try the same. In particular, suspicious_watermelon pointed out his struggle to find a suitable brass-red color for the Crucible Night Armor and other accessories.

The Crucible Knights are one of the hardest bosses in this. Alden Ring Which can overwhelm new players especially in software games. These knights wear thick armor and have devastating moves that provide few opportunities to attack. The Crucible Knights are well known, but many people are unaware of their backstory and origins. According to tradition, the Crucible Knights predate the Erdtree but are now one of the few bosses that serve the Golden Order. There are 16 Crucible Knights scattered here. Alden RingThe world of, which followed Godfrey, the first Alden Lord, in countless battles to spread the influence of the Golden Order.

Alden Ring Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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