Elden Ring Video Shows the Disturbing Content of Rennala's Egg

A new one Alden Ring The video gives a data-minded look at what’s inside Renala’s egg. FromSoftware is known for creating fantastical worlds and stories that are incredibly mysterious. Players don’t know where deliberate worldbuilding ends and the limits of development begin. Sometimes data mines need to search the game’s files after launch to see if FromSoftware has left any clues, and Alden Ring Especially cooked with such a secret.

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Alden Ring Players will already be familiar with Renala, one of the most important bosses in the game. Renala is the Queen of the Carrion Royals and leads the Academy of Raya Luceria. He also has a great run, which is a piece of. Alden Ring, which she keeps in an amber egg. Renala uses this egg to reincarnate, perhaps driven to do so after the physical death of her daughter Ranni. Yet Renala’s egg hides a disturbing secret beneath its shell that gives its uses a bit more context.

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In her latest two videos, Zilli the Witch takes a closer look at the model and structure of Renala’s egg. The first video shows a close-up of the egg seen after defeating Renala, as she sits in the middle of her boss’s room. This version of the egg features strange black vein-like growths as well as white egg-like bulbs. Oddly enough, there are also some strands of hair, which Zuli speculates about but doesn’t discover until her second video.

The second video shows Renala’s egg with in-engine cinematics playing during a cutscene. This version of the egg is more complete, indicating that FromSoftware has modified it. Alden Ring But forgot to change the cutscene version of the egg. This version of the egg is, terrifyingly, filled with child-sized adolescent scholars. They are naked, have a stub instead of legs, and lack definition. In other words, Renala is quite literally rebirthing scholars. This is where the hair comes from in the second egg.

It may be assumed that the amber egg is a magical womb. Rennala uses it to regrow people, though the process is not entirely accurate as seen by the teenage scholars who fill Rennala’s room.

It’s unclear why FromSoftware chose to remove this detail from the Amber Egg players were able to interact with up close. Perhaps FromSoftware thought such a literal example of reincarnation was too on the nose, or perhaps wanted it to be. Alden Ring The players become more mysterious with this process and magic Renala. The change also gave more mystery to Redagon, who spawned Renala. If the egg, which contains a great rune, was always meant to be reborn, then Radagan’s intentions when giving it to Renala become somewhat more cruel and malicious due to his daughter’s death.

Alden Ring Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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