Fallout: New Vegas Fan Brings Yes Man Figure to Hoover Dam in Viral Photo

Oh The result: New Vegas Fans brought a figure of the popular Yes Man character from the game to the Hoover Dam to Fallout Universe with real life, and the photo that encapsulates the moment has gone viral. The result: New Vegas was released in 2010, but it still maintains a dedicated following today due to the many factions, locations, and different features released among the Obsidian Entertainment spin-offs. Conclusion 3 And 4.

Express your passion for The result: New VegasReddit user Tunnelsnakefool shared a photo of his Yes Man persona standing on a ledge near the Hoover Dam, with an important Fallout Location from a perfect angle. Yesman is introduced early on. The result: New Vegas And it shares some similarities with the other Securitrons but acts as Benny’s AI servant unlike the other bots. Given his pleasant face and generally cheerful demeanor, The result: New Vegas Fans have been drawn to the unique PDQ-88b compared to other Securitron units, and the Tunnelsnake Fool is no different as he owns a Yes-Man figure that is just over a foot tall.

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Of the serpent of tunnels The result: New Vegas-The inspired image features the arid and rocky Nevadan landscape, the impressive Hoover Dam Power Plant and Lake Mead reservoir in the background while a smiling Yes Man stands on a nearby bank. gave The result: New Vegas The fan noted this view of the Hoover Dam as the perfect location for such a photo because of how the angle highlights the monument, noting that it is accessible from Caesar’s Legion faction side in the game. Is. According to Tunnelsnakefool, the figure of Yesman in the photo was created by a friend of his, and uses magnets on the face to The result: New Vegas The fan can replace the Yesman display with other securturns such as Maggi, Victor, or others.

Yesman is just one of many. The result: New Vegas NPCs who would feel right at home near the Hoover Dam, with the Legion and NCR factions playing an important role in the in-game space. At Hoover Dam though The result: New Vegas It’s called the Old World Wall, and it looks appropriately badass in-game, the picture of the Tunnelsnake Fool being a glimpse of what the Yes Man would look like in a restored dam. Maybe because something Fallout Fans still appreciate it New Vegas As the biggest title in the series, Obsidian founder Feargus Urquhart has teased working on another. Fallout title since Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media.

While many fans who reacted to the picture of the tunnelsnake fool from Hoover Dam expressed enthusiasm for the creativity, one player said the scene was so perfect it looked like a screenshot. The result: New Vegas With mods enabled. Another fan noted that The result: New Vegas Due to the ongoing drought the water level at the same location is much higher than in real life, while one pointed out that the reservoir is not at least irradiated.

The result: New Vegas Available now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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