Fans Think Remedy Video Has In-Development Look at Alan Wake 2

Finnish game studio Remedy Entertainment has posted a video of its in-house development tools that includes a possible upcoming teaser. Alan Wake 2. The company’s presentation on technologies included demonstrations on the proprietary Northlight engine and the new USD editor. The tools are used to create Remedy’s upcoming games, including Alan Wake 2.

Remedy Entertainment is currently developing five different games for four different publishers. The public already knows about most of them, including option-Based on the spin-off The Condor, Maximum Payne rebuild, Vanguard Developed with Tencent, and Alan Wake 2. The company also has another unannounced game in the pipeline with publisher 505 Games.

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During the presentation of the Universal Scene Description Framework and the company’s proprietary game engine and toolkit Northlight, Remedy may have shared a glimpse of its future. Alan Wake Games begins by explaining the company’s decision to build its new editor based on the widely adopted USD framework, Christophe Meinart, Remedy’s principal technical artist.

Explaining the USD platform and the role of Remedy’s Northlight engine, Minnaert shows a screenshot of the editor and perhaps a small taste of what’s being developed. Alan Wake 2. Minnaert explains the tools available to developers within the software, but gamers’ eyes are drawn to the scene in the center of the screen. It depicts a figure holding a gun in a hall with stairs leading up.

The file name is NationalLibrary, but it does not match the library Quantum break. In fact, according to eagle-eyed Reddit users, it doesn’t seem to belong to an existing game. Instead, it appears to be a close replica of a real New York City library. Arches, staircases, and even chandeliers look identical to photos of Astor Hall found by Reddit sleuth Sir_Galehaut. Easily, Alan Wake 2The story is rumored to continue in New York City, where the Weeks are residents, and the New York Public Library as a location will fit the theme of the game.

Unfortunately, the rest of the 30-minute presentation doesn’t give additional hints about this. Alan Wake 2 or other therapeutic games. There is another scene with a staircase and several what appear to be statues of the Greek goddess Hebe, but does not seem to match any particular location. This is also worth considering. Maximum Payne And option Both are also set in New York City and are part of Remedy’s Connected Universe. While Alan Wake 2 A possible candidate could, given the environment, be the screenshot of another Remedy game or none at all.

Alan Wake 2 Due for release in 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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