Fire Emblem Engage Gameplay Video Features Celica

A new gameplay video for the future Fire Emblem Engage Features Princess Celica, one of the main characters from an older entry. The latest mainline entry in the franchise was unveiled last month with a brand new trailer. He gave fans several details about the game, including new characters, the emblem ring mechanic, as well as the game’s release date. Fire Emblem Engage. It also showed how past main characters from the franchise will be included in the game, such as Marth, Sigurd, and Selka.

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Celica is a past hero from the franchise, being a deuteragonist with her close friend Alm Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentiaa remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden. In her home game, Celica is a magic-based character who can use a variety of powerful spells compared to Alm, who is a swordsman. This leads to his second appearance in such games. Fire Emblem Heroes, where he is a spellcaster unit with some exceptions. This class of his is retained for gameplay. Fire Emblem Engage.

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In the opening trailer for the game, Celica is paired with Fire Emblem EngageKay Celine, another spell caster and princess of the neighboring Kingdom of Firen. When Celica’s Ring of Emblem is equipped to another character, she gains a magical stat boost. This is demonstrated in a recent gameplay video featuring both Celica and Celine, who cast powerful fire spells against one of the player’s enemies.

In the aforementioned reveal trailer, Celine can also be seen with a selca, e.g preoccupiedThe main character of Combining her powers with Celica gives Celine access to the powerful Ragnarok spell, which also originates from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Another video clip shows Celica talking with a female version of Allier in a supportive conversation, and also marks the return of this mechanic. Allaire asks for Celica’s hand in defense of peace, which Celica readily accepts.

with Fire Emblem EngageFocusing on past heroes alongside new characters, it’s only natural that all corners of the franchise are given the spotlight. Fans are already seeing the aforementioned Marth, Sigurd and Selka as equipped characters, with walls and other details hinting at other additional characters in the game’s first trailer. Some are hoping that fan-favorite characters like Dimitri, Soren, and Hector may also make an appearance. The game’s release is still four months away, so fans should expect more details to emerge as time goes on.

Fire Emblem Engage Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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