Funko Plans Inglewood Snoop Dogg Store “Tha Dogg House”

Snoop Dogg’s Inglewood flagship clothing store will have a new neighbor next year — a Funko retail experience launched in partnership with the rapper called “Tha Dog House.”

The store will open in early 2023 and will feature fan photos and a Snoop mural for life-sized Pop! Figures inspired by them, as well as exclusive in-store collectibles.

“This new store is true to who I am as an entrepreneur and as a rapper,” Snoop Dogg said in a press release Monday. “I want my fans to experience it, to touch it, to feel it.” Can not wait. Once you see it, like no other in the world, ‘Tha Doghouse,’ will blow your mind. (He also recorded this video, which was played during the event.)

The Everett, Washington-based company announced the new location as part of a press day ahead of its inaugural investor event. CEO Andrew Perlmutter said the company’s current priorities lie in four key areas: maximizing its core business of pop culture collecting; continue to expand into international markets; increasing its direct-to-consumer presence – including through the “Pop! Yourself” website for consumers; and launching innovative product lines such as candy and puzzles.

Funko revealed that it will make its debut at Comic-Con Brazil, refresh its website and embark on a cross-country tour for its 25th anniversary. Beginning in June 2023, the Fun on the Run tour will make 25 stops at San Diego Comic-Con. VP of Marketing Dave Beré said during the event that it’s an effort to bring memorable experiences to fans who can’t attend the mega-conventions in SoCal and New York.

During the event, Funko’s CFO Jennifer Fall Jung recounted the company’s growth since its 2017 IPO. Its revenue has grown from $516 million this year to just over $1 billion in 2021. It has increased from 588 employees to 1089 as per last year. And it has expanded its global reach, now selling in 70 countries.

This afternoon executives will make a similar presentation to investors that focuses on Funko’s five-year strategic growth plan.

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