G4TV Has Been Shut Down

Parent company Comcast Spectacor is shutting down G4 TV barely a year after reviving the gaming-focused TV channel.

Comcast Spectacor announced that the company will immediately discontinue the gaming-focused G4 TV. The announcement comes just weeks after a number of key G4 figures went on their own or were suddenly let go.

The return of the beloved gaming-focused TV channel G4 TV has been much talked about and hyped leading up to its eventual launch in 2021. Traction was the hope of Comcast Spectacor. Although the show is known by fans for its brand, it has failed to reach new audiences and achieve anything beyond the occasional viral moment. Just over a year after Comcast announced its revival of the G4 network, the telegraph has ended abruptly. In an email memo obtained by DEADLINE, Comcast Spectacor CEO Dave Scott said the channel failed to gain traction despite the investment.

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DEADLINE put the number of employees affected by Sunday evening’s layoffs at “two dozen,” and the company has promised to help them relocate or find internal opportunities at Comcast Spectacor. With historical shows like G4 TV revival Attack on the show, X PlayAnd extended All tried to recapture the popularity of their first incarnation. Despite charismatic hosts, engaging conversations and entertaining content, competition from Twitch and YouTube streamers was too much for the company. Members of the G4 talent and production staff were let go in September, followed shortly by the voluntary departures of Indiana “Froscorian” Black and Kevin Pereira.


As you know, the G4 was re-introduced last year to boost gaming popularity. We invested in creating the new G4 as an online and TV destination for fans to be entertained, inspired and connected with gaming content. Over the past several months, we’ve worked hard to generate interest in G4, but viewership is low and the network hasn’t achieved sustainable financial results. This is certainly not what we had hoped for, and, as a result, we have made the extremely difficult decision to cease operations at G4 effective immediately. I know this is disappointing news, and I am disappointed too. I want to thank you and everyone on the G4 team for your hard work and commitment to the network. Our Human Resources team will be contacting you to provide assistance, discuss other opportunities available and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again for all your hard work for G4.


Dave Scott

Chairman and CEO

Comcast Spectacore

As word of G4 TVs demise spread on Twitter, it appears that G4 TV employees did not receive the email memo before DEADLINE dropped the news. Members of the production crew were reportedly showing the footage, heard that filming had been cancelled, and met with HR representatives individually. Esports commentator Alex “Golden Boy” Mendez tweeted that he is in the middle of negotiating a new contract with G4 and Comcast. Girard “The Completionist” Khalil found out from Wario 64’s tweet. GoldenBoy, The Completionist, YouTubers KassemG and Scott “Scott the Woz” Wozniak, WWE Superstar Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods, and others all have previous efforts outside of G4 TV that they will likely return to, but many Other staff will be looking for new opportunities. .

The G4 shutdown joins a series of sudden declines in the video game media space. The first wave of G4 vacations began in July. GameStop also let go of a large portion of its Game Informer editorial team amid efforts to find its new niche in the gaming space. Fanbyte let go of a large part of its editorial team in September, and Fandom recently acquired Metacritic, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, and others, to highlight some of the ups and downs in games media in recent months. .

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