Genshin Impact Chart Reveals Nilou and Albedo First Day Banner Revenue

A Genshin Impact chart shows the first day’s banner revenue for the ongoing double banner featuring Albedo and new character Nilo.

A new one Ganesh Impact The chart has revealed how well the new Albedo and Nilo banners have done in terms of revenue on their first day. Updates are usually split into two banner cycles with different sets of limited characters and weapons.

After the sign and vanity banners are finished, Ganesh Impact introduced a new double-banner featuring Nilo, a new user of the Hydro Sword, and Albedo, a renowned Moonstad alchemist. Players who want to grab these characters should pull their banners as soon as possible as they expire on November 1st, a week earlier than usual.

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Reddit user TimocaSamJa shared an interesting chart showing the first day revenue numbers for the ongoing double banner. Nilo and Albedo are 21st on the all-time banner earnings list, according to the thread. Although Banner is placed at the bottom of the list, players claim that they are actually surprised by his numbers. It should be noted that the data shown in the chart was taken from iOS devices hosted on Chinese servers. One of the main reasons why they didn’t expect this banner to do well in terms of sales is that the next update will introduce Dendro Archon Nahida.

Several responses in the comments section claim to be happy with Nilo’s overall design, even though he’s a pretty cool character. They are best used in team compositions that revolve around a specific elemental reaction called bloom, which starts with the combination of hydro and dendro. Her second passive talent, Court of Dancing Petals, turns Dendro Cores that are normally dropped by Bloom into Bountiful Cores. This new type of cover has a larger area of ​​effect, with a significantly lower cooldown that increases the party’s damage potential.

Players drawn to blue should also try their luck. Ganesh Impact 3.1 Banner of Arms which includes his signature weapon called the Key of Khajnasut. Although the weapon has a low base ATK, its strength lies in the secondary stat and passive effect that has the ability to increase Elemental Mastery for the entire team composition.

Another limited character featured in the second part of the update is Albedo, who made his first banner appearance during the Dragon’s Spine arc. Ganesh Impact Update 1.2. Although the arrival of the new Dendro element pushed Geo out of the meta, Albedo is still considered a great support for most team compositions.

Ganesh Impact Available now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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