Genshin Impact Leak Reveals New Graphic Changes For Update 3.2

The new Genshin Impact leaks reveal significant changes to the game’s graphics that are expected in the upcoming version 3.2.

A new one The Genshin effect The leak has revealed some upcoming graphical changes that may come in the upcoming update. The last two updates introduced the first parts of the mysterious Samiro region, which quickly became a fan favorite.

While players don’t expect any map expansion in the upcoming update, it looks like it will The Genshin effect May make some adjustments to its graphic settings. This anime-inspired game runs on cel-shaded rendering techniques, which is one of the main reasons behind its global success.

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Claimed by one of the most reliable Lakers named Sagiri. The Genshin effect Update 3.2 will replace SMAA and TAA, the current anti-aliasing techniques, with FSR 2.0. According to the leak, players will apparently have the option to choose between FSR 2.0 or turning anti-aliasing off entirely. However, this change is live in the 3.2 beta and there is a chance that the game will allow players to switch between FSR 2.0 and SMAA. Developer HoYoverse has yet to officially address the issue, but players will probably have to wait for the upcoming special event for version 3.2.

Several fans in the comments section are not happy with this change as the leak confirmed that it will reduce the game’s FPS by 10. Instead of this change, players claim that they were actually hoping to see some improvement in FPS as the PC version of the game currently is. Capped at 60 FPS. While this is an important change that will affect many players, it has flown under the radar in the community. One of the main reasons is probably the fact that the first Sumeru updates are packed with loads of new content.

Developer HoYoverse has officially confirmed the arrival of a dendro archon named Nahida who has already appeared multiple times in the game’s official storyline. It will be the first five-star Dendro support which means players won’t have to rely on Collie and Traveler for their Dendro application.

She won’t be the only new addition to the playable roster as the game’s official social media account has confirmed another character named Leela. Although the HoYoverse has yet to officially reveal her rarity, Leila is expected to be a new four-star character. When it comes to her character, recent beta leaks are hinting that she could be a new crew support like Dionna.

The Genshin effect Available now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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