Genshin Impact Players Are Unhappy With the Game's File Size

Genshin Impact fans complain about the current state of the game file which continues to grow with each update and in some cases even exceeds 70 GB.

The Genshin effect Players don’t seem too happy with the addition of game files with each new update. The game’s frequent update schedule keeps introducing new versions of the game every 6-7 weeks.

The game’s attention to detail, especially in the recently introduced Samiro region, probably had a big impact on its overall size. The Genshin effectgame file of Reddit user demiwaltz has started an interesting discussion on the matter on the game’s official subReddit.

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He shared a picture showing that his game file size is currently 47.9 GB. Some of the answers in the comment section claim that they are playing the game from version 1.0 and their file size is around 75 GB. However, it should be noted that these players probably have all the voice packs installed which can take up a large chunk of storage. For example, back to the English voice pack The Genshin effect Update 3.0 was around 8GB which means that players who delete three of the four voice-over language packs can free up a lot of space on their device.

Some comments claim that HoYoverse should add an option for players to delete voice lines from previous questions since they probably won’t replay them in the future. The Genshin effectMobile players are probably the most affected by the large file size, but they can free up some space by deleting and re-downloading the game after each new update. Upgrading to a new version of the game will not delete files that are related to restricted content from previous patches.

The size of the game is expected to grow a lot in the future, especially considering that the game only introduces four of the seven major regions. Even the new Sumeru nation hasn’t been fully unlocked as recent leaks have confirmed the arrival of part of the map in Update 3.3. The first desert of Tiwat arrived with The Genshin effect Version 3.1 includes new unique desert textures for buildings, clothing, and nature, which likely had a significant impact on the overall size of the game.

Previous rumors have revealed that the entire Sumeru region is larger than Mondstadt and Liyue combined. However, it should be noted that these rumors may take into account Sumero’s huge underworld. Players can expect Sumeru to receive at least one or two new regions before developer HoYoverse opens up new parts of Mondstadt or Liyue, which are the first two regions players encounter. The Genshin effect Travel

The Genshin effect Now available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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