Genshin Impact Players Point Out Similarity Between Dragonspine and Sumeru

The Genshin effect Theories suggest that unified civilizations once existed, and players have begun to point out some similarities between Dragonspine and Sumeru that may lend credence to fan theories. Latest update for The Genshin effect Sumero expanded with a new desert area, but its central forest area still holds secrets to discover.

Reddit user u/Usual_Presentation53 shared a photo comparing two nearly identical ruins. Ganesh Impact Dragonspine and Samiro regions. The ruins bear the same symbolism commonly associated with ancient civilizations such as Khenria and Celestia. The architecture suggests that two unified civilizations existed in Tivat thousands of years before the traveler and Pemon began their journey. Although the exact names of the civilizations have not been determined, players in the community began to express their ideas based on the game’s text and traditions.

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According to users commenting under u/Usual_Presentation53’s post, The Genshin effect Through his many updates, he established knowledge of an advanced nation that existed before the Archon War. The dragonspine and Samiro ruins shown may belong to ancient nations long lost to history. The Archon War ended the world about 2,000 years ago. The Genshin effectBut the remnants of the war persist even in the present day. There may have been two unified civilizations in the time before the Archon War, so some of the ruins found in Tiwat may be older than players think. Evidence of these different civilizations can be found in areas such as Anakonomiya, Chisum, and Tsurumi Island.

Ganesh Impact Lore suggests that these ancient civilizations fought for some sort of “throne” and civilizations ended in ancient wars for power. According to Dainsleif, Khaenri’ah was built on the ruins of an important ancient city. However, the character did not elaborate further on the details of Khainaria’s stay. The ancient city that was destroyed is supposed to be older than Celestia as players know it, but many details regarding Celestia itself are shrouded in mystery.

The traveller’s journey will bring to light important discoveries, including pre-Khineria civilizations and the true nature of the Pemon. Current ideas circulating within The Genshin effect The community seems to be in line with what is currently known about the game. Hopefully, the HoYoverse will provide insight into the significance of these civilizations, archons, and more as updates continue to roll out.

Ever since HoYoverse thinks the fan theories will continue for years to come. The Genshin effect Being a long-term project. The Genshin effect Version 3.2 is on track to arrive in early November with new content for players to explore.

The Genshin effect Now available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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