Genshin Impact's Desert Makes Fighting Fatui Agents Much Easier

A new Genshin Impact leak shows how to easily defeat any of the elite enemies using the new terrain types added in 3.1.

A new post on official The Genshin effect The subreddit shows why new deserts are Fatoi Agent’s worst enemies. Map extensions are always the main focus of every update to the game and they also bring new character additions.

The Genshin effect Update 3.1 introduced the first desert sections of the game which quickly became a fan favorite. The new type of terrain includes a number of interesting details including character scars that can be left by playable characters as well as enemies.

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Reddit user Onepiece285 shared an interesting video showing how to fight a Fatui agent in the new Sumeru deserts. This is the elite enemy. The Genshin effect which has the ability to become invisible and surprise players. However, if they are exposed to certain elements or run on certain types of terrain, they may be silhouetted. The video shows that if players fight a Fatoi agent in the new Samiro deserts, they can easily track his movements during the stealth phase thanks to the sand trails. The video garnered over 5k upvotes with many players claiming that they will definitely use this trick the next time they fight this enemy.

Killing a Fatoi agent while in stealth mode will grant players an achievement called “…Till Debt Do Us Part” which belongs to the Wonders of the World category. Some mobile users in the comment section have revealed that they can’t use this trick because some mobile versions don’t have footprints in the sand. The Genshin effect.

The new Dendro nation is widely considered the best addition to the game so far as it takes the game’s exploration experience to the next level. The first Sumeru update brought a new rainforest with the game’s first dendro characters. The Genshin effect Update 3.1 introduces the first desert of Tiwat, which is filled with various temples and domains that play an important role in the main story.

According to recent leaks, the next update won’t add any new terrain, but it will feature the long-awaited Dendro Urchin on one of its banners. Rumors claim that players will have to wait for update 3.3 to unlock a new part of Samiro which is expected to be another desert located west of the rainforest. The same update may finally bring one of the Fatui Harbingers, Scaramouche, to the playable roster.

The Genshin effect Available now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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