God of War Egypt Concept Video Created Using Unreal Engine 5

A new Unreal Engine 5 concept video imagines what the God of War franchise would look like if it were set in ancient Egypt.

YouTube channel Teaserplay has created another Unreal Engine 5 concept video, based on Sony. God of war The long awaited franchise Ragnarok, God of Warrelease is mere weeks away at this point, with the new game set to wrap up the franchise’s Norse legend. But until Ragnarok, God of War While it will mark the end of the Norse saga, it doesn’t mean it will be the end of the franchise as a whole.

Original God of war The games saw Kratos take on the Greek pantheon, while 2018 God of war And Ragnarok, God of War It’s been all about Kratos going toe-to-toe with figures from Norse mythology. An epic showdown between Kratos and Thor is on the horizon, and since it will be the end of the Norse saga, one has to imagine that Odin could very well be involved in the new game as well. The fans have to play. Ragnarok, God of War Next month to find out, but in the meantime, he’ll be wondering what’s next for him. God of war Franchise

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with Ragnarok, God of War Not out yet, too early to say with any certainty where God of war The franchise will continue with its next installment. A popular theory suggests that the next God of war Next in the game should be Kratos fighting the Egyptian gods. Such a game is envisioned in the latest teaser Play Unreal Engine 5 concept video, showing Kratos in ancient Egypt.

In the concept video, fans can see Kratos running through a desert in Egypt. He comes across some old ruins and an oasis. The pyramids can be seen in the background, but then a large statue of a pharaoh comes into view. Kratos has faced his fair share of massive enemies. God of war Games, so one has to imagine that he would make a pretty quick job of the statue, but before fans can see the fight, the video cuts out.

Kratos squaring off against the Egyptian gods is definitely a direction that’s next. God of war The game can go, but it can do anything completely unexpected. Some fans have theorized that Kratos may have died. Ragnarok, God of War, replaces him as the main character of the franchise with Atreus, but that remains to be seen. It would be risky to end such a popular character, but when will fans know? Ragnarok, God of War starts next month.

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