God of War Fan Points Out Hilarious Similarities Between Ragnarok and Shrek

Reiterating comparisons to God of War 2018, an observant fan noticed similarities with the upcoming Ragnarok and the classic animation Shrek.

Continuing a trend from the previous title, a God of War: Ragnarok The fan shared more than half a dozen screenshots together. include And for the trailer God of War: Ragnarok Which bears a striking resemblance.

Released in 2018, God of war It was a sequel to the earlier hack-and-slash series that received universal acclaim, even a flop. Red Dead Redemption 2 To win Game of the Year at the Game Awards. One of the most popular elements was his narration, which transformed Kratos from a bitter and stubborn god-butcher to a bitter and stubborn father. With Christopher Judge lending his powerful voice to this complex iteration of Kratos, God of war Tells a deeply emotional story of a broken man’s struggles, failures, and learning to be the parent his son needed him to be. Even then, parallels were drawn between the trip and his films. include.

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In a Reddit post by U/Head-Of-The-Table, he expressed disbelief at the similarities between the two different forms of entertainment. In the 8 comparisons provided, Kratos and Shrek can be seen in nearly identical poses both looking down at the ground, as well as punishing two other characters, Atreus and Prince Arthur respectively. As Shrek stares at a deteriorating flower, Kratos stares at his battle-torn Leviathan axe. Art imitators make fun of art and comments about it. include is the “blueprint of all media”, which some claim if Ragnarok There is only one include Story then gamers don’t have to worry about quality.

It’s fun to consider a far-fetched, absurd theory and try to make it plausible. For example, just as Shrek didn’t want Donkey to find out who he was, the bandages wrapped around Kratos’ arms are the layers of the onion that Atreus slowly peels away. Additionally, although Norse mythology suggests that Atreus is the father of the World Serpent, this may have been derived from when a donkey cross-breeds with his fierce wife, producing an offspring that breathes fire. picks up. These links are unfortunately nothing more than fan fiction. God of war Presumably not taking a cue from Shrek, much to the chagrin of anyone dreaming of a crossover.

Along with the comment that was pointed out. include Being the basis of the narrative takes priority for many modern stories. include revolves around many literary tropes but subverts them to create an animation that is regarded as one of the greats. Announced for a PS5 bundle. Ragnarok, God of War Gamers don’t have to wait long to find out what the highly anticipated sequel to one of DreamWorks’ best sequels will be.

Ragnarok, God of War Launches on PS4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022.

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