Grasshopper Manufacture's Next Project Could Be an Unreal Engine 5 Horror Game

A new video hints that the next title from popular Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacturing could be a horror game using Unreal Engine 5.

A new video posted online by Grasshopper Manufacturing shows a brief glimpse of the horror title made using Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. to be from a Shadow of the Damned A sequel hinted at in 2021 by director Suda51.

Grasshopper Manufacture is a Japanese video game developer founded in 1998 by Goichi Suda, better known to many gamers by his alias Suda51, responsible for creating several titles that have become cult classics. Some of Grasshopper’s most popular titles include 2005’s Stylish and Unreal. Killer 7 and unrelated samurai slasher games No more heroes. Franchise Grasshopper has also produced several titles with terrifying effects, such as Full of Demons. Shadow of the Damned and a cheerleader-led zombie action game Lollipop chainsaw.

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In a tweet teasing a new interview with Suda51 for the Grasshopper Archives, Grasshopper Manufacture’s official account posted a short clip showing a developer hard at work in the studio’s dev room. As the camera approaches the developer’s desk, they are seen sketching some kind of strange creature on one screen while images of a physical model of the same creature appear on another monitor nearby. When asked what they are doing, the developers explain that their job is to create 2D sketches of 3D models, although they state that they don’t know exactly why they were given the job. Below the images, it is possible to detect a project file tree that indicates that these concept images can be opened in Unreal Engine 5, hinting that the engine will be used for Grasshopper’s next title. will go

After the clip was released, speculation ran rampant that the creature on screen could be the rumored one. Shadow of the Damned The sequel is teased in 2021. Released in 2011, Shadow of the Damned featured Grasshopper’s signature stylized action and let players take control of protagonist Garcia Hotspur as he fought through waves of enemies alongside his evil sidekick Johnson, who also served as Garcia’s gun. The game was generally well received by fans and critics, although the lack of commercial success played a role. Shadow of the Damned Being delisted from online stores in early 2021.

The Grasshopper manufacturer’s titles may not have achieved the commercial success of some of its contemporaries in the Japanese game development scene, but its unique characters, gameplay mechanics and art direction have made the developer a favorite among gamers on the beaten path. Ready to move. Unreal Engine 5 will let Grasshopper bring down monstrous enemies. Shadow of the Damned Life in exquisite detail, and news about a potential No more heroes 4 shows that Suda51 doesn’t mind revisiting past titles, so this clip could be a sign of good news to come for fans of the often-overlooked title.

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