Guilty Gear Strive Cross-Platform Network Open Beta Has Started

The cross-platform network open beta test for Guilty Gear Strive is officially underway, an online playtest on multiple platforms.

Guilty Gear Strive has opened up a cross-platform network beta test for players to participate in, allowing players to test online play on three different platforms. Battle against game developer Arc System Works has become a sleeper hit since last year, becoming a critical and commercial success. This momentum continues with a full first season of characters, with Guilty Gear StriveThe second season of Pass is also releasing its debut this year.

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Among other additions, Arch System Works also revealed a rough roadmap for it. Guilty Gear Strive During 2022-2023, which includes the release windows of characters included in the second season pass with cross-play beta tests. Although initially announced to be held in mid-September, the test was not available until recently. Players can jump into this beta test right now, on all three platforms the game is available on.

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Arch System Works notes that for this beta test Guilty Gear Strive It has its own separate application that is separate from the main game currently available for sale. The demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store or Steam, and will run from October 13th to 17th. Arc System Works encourages downloading this application and participation in the beta test is free and available for anyone to play even if they have not previously purchased the game.

There are nine game modes available to play in this open beta test, including tutorial, training room, VS mode, and online modes. 21 characters of Guilty Gear StriveThe roster will also be available in the demo, including DLC ​​characters like Happy Chaos, Beacon, Testament, and the recently released Bridget. It basically gives players a free test of the roster currently available in the main game, giving them a way to try out some characters they haven’t bought yet or just the game in general.

Arch System Works has detailed some of the features currently featured in this cross-platform test. Guilty Gear Strive. One of these is a brand new icon added next to the player’s name to indicate that they are on a different platform, represented by a crossing arrow icon. There is also an option for players to opt out of participating in cross-platform matches, with the setting being toggled in the Options menu, which is turned on by default. Arc System Works concluded that beta test save data would not be carried over to the main game, along with other requirements to participate, such as a PS Plus subscription on the PlayStation platform.

Guilty Gear Strive Available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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