Hilarious Custom Trombone Champ Chart Has Sephiroth Kill the Player

A song mode for the trombone champ features a fantastic Final Fantasy 7 song, and features the villainous Sephiroth’s comedic style.

As Trombone Champion Still relatively popular among late gamers, a player created custom chart begins with players being killed by Sephiroth. Final Concept 7. Although custom charts are not yet an official feature in the game, some fans have managed to mod the game themselves to add new songs. Doing this requires more than just adding a song, but also programming custom notes.

Where Sephiroth comes into play is the chart for “One Winged Angel”, the song that plays over the end credits during the reserved Sephiroth fight. Here’s a version of the indie game hit by a fan visiting “Henry Zhou’s Textbook” on YouTube. Advent children at the movies Final concept History of the series, “One Winged Angel” is very exciting as it is the first song in A. Final concept Game that included lyrics.

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gave Trombone Champion The map starts out innocent enough. It sees the player in front of Sephiroth’s image when they first start playing. However, a few seconds later, the player is struck from above by a black and white trombone bumper. The camera pans upwards to reveal that the culprit is before Sephiroth. ff The villain recovers and continues singing towards a cliff. Sephiroth killing the musician avatar may seem random at first, but it’s a reference to the famous. Final Concept 7 The scene where Sephiroth falls from above to kill Aerith in front of the cloud.

Aerith’s death has been used as a meme by many. Final Concept 7 Fans over the years, even on a daily basis Smash Bros Photos taken by lead developer Masahiro Sakurai. As well as a humorous reference, the video used to showcase the chart features Sephiroth bobbing up and down to the lyrics, and shows the lyrics being sung by a group of people on the other side of the river. Running Sephiroth. His trombone is on.

Fans are loving the custom map and having a good laugh over it. Comments on the YouTube video poke fun at what’s in the mood, with one user saying the slide is about the same size as Sephiroth’s sword, the six- to eight-foot-tall Masamune, “awesome.”

For fans interested in playing the custom chart themselves, there is a link in the description of the YouTube video that directs players to the necessary resources to install the mod. However, some fans may find it difficult without official mod support. Hopefully once Trombone Champion Adds this feature, more players can experience this hilarious map without any problem.

Trombone Champion Available now for PC.

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