Hilarious Elden Ring Image Shows Players Celebrating Death Bird Victory

A pair of Alden Ring Players experience a near-death battle unlike any other against an infamous death-right bird. Open World Title Frustration is no stranger to enemies, and few in the open world are more infuriating than those who prove to be a bigger challenge than the Remembrance boses. Alden Ring‘s Death Rite Bird undoubtedly fits into this category, with countless players finding this wild avian to live up to its name.

Big brother to the relatively lovable Deathbird, Rite for a middle name is any taint’s worst nightmare. With long wingspans, extra magic damage and Frostbite status, the threat posed by these strange raptors is immense. Able to attack with a sweep of his poker, eat players with a deformed beak, and blast a shot from dozens of feet away, it’s no wonder so many people have teased this annoyance. with Alden Ring Patch 1.07 introduced some of the most significant changes in post-launch history, including massive buffs to sorceries and chants, many of which Deathright Bird is particularly vulnerable to.

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In a photo uploaded to Reddit by u/DefCatMusic, the two men are shown celebrating their narrow victory over Deathright Bird. Alden Ring Late game area, Peak of the Giants Mountains. Paraphrasing the popular two-swijx-pointing internet meme, the pair are equally surprised and relieved to retrieve the Death Ritual Sphere, a weapon dropped by this particular Death Rite Bird. Studying the game in the image, viewers will notice a health bar that is completely depleted. The context provided in the caption informed everyone that the demise of the Deathright Bird left the player character with only 2 health points and no flasks left, the main source of healing for those wandering between lands. is the source.

Snow Valley Ruins Overlook Located west of the Site of Grace, many players have found themselves casually heading towards Castle Sol only to see the sky open and spawn this arbiter of despair. Due to Castle Sol’s importance in accessing the secret area known as Mikella’s Haleigh Tree, it is quite common to discover this enemy.

However, a lesser-known and even more difficult version of the Deathright Bird resides far north of the Consecrated Snowfield, a fact that will no doubt be of great delight to Twitch streamer Asmongold, who publicly revealed the same. Struggled against. The aforementioned redditors. Given Josh’s recent embarrassing display of management Alden Ringit’s refreshing to see a health bar so well-invested in, thus leaving this scarred one alive to tell the tale.

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