Horizon Fan Shows Off Adorable Custom Aloy Doll

A Horizon fan received an incredibly handcrafted alloy doll for her birthday, joking about seeing a shock trap.

Oh horizon A fan recently shared a beautiful handmade doll of franchise protagonist Aloy which was gifted to her on her birthday. In recent years, horizon The community has been as creative as the robotic dinosaur that brought so much attention to the IP, and this creation only serves as further proof of that.

horizon Earlier this year saw the second entry in the series. The forbidden horizon is the West, which was released to critical acclaim. Many believed that while its sequel Horizon Zero Dawn Did not recreate the franchise, The forbidden horizon is the West It was an excellent iteration and subsequent improvement on what came before, with facial animations, melee combat, and quest modes that are often significantly improved. unfortunately, The forbidden horizon is the West was somewhat overshadowed by Alden Ring’s release just over a week later, with FromSoftware’s latest title dominating online gaming culture and conversation for months. Nevertheless, there is a sufficient horizon The community that loves the game, Aloy continues to be a fan favorite character.

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It’s no surprise that anything revolving around alloy would be highly sought after, but one talented fan took it into his own hands and the result can be seen in u/Joodyka’s Reddit post. The figure features an expertly handcrafted alloy doll, complete with her bow, traditional dress and signature hairstyle. Responses to the post agree that the doll is superbly made, demonstrating outstanding abilities.

Aloy doll my friend gave me for BD. Handmade by his sister. Think she is beautiful and what to share with you 🙂 from horizon

Some joked that the doll would sneak out at night and override the devices, or set shock traps throughout the house, one of the many tools in Aloy’s arsenal. horizon.

gave horizon The franchise is beloved and has been able to expand into different mediums. As one of the most recognizable creature designs by horizonTallneck had a LEGO set released at the same time. The forbidden horizon is the West have arrived, and recently there has been news of a TV series. horizon universe that is currently in production. Furthermore, recent reporting has pointed to the existence of not only a multiplayer. horizon game but a remake of the original, which has greatly confused the gaming community. with Horizon Zero Dawn At only 5 years old, many believe it’s an unnecessary allocation of PlayStation resources and even less legitimate than its predecessor. gave The Last of Us Part 1 The remake

The forbidden horizon is the West Available now on PS4 and PS5.

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