‘Inventing Anna’ Subject Anna Sorokin Released to House Arrest, Fights Deportation

Fake socialite and convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin, whose scheme inspired the Netflix series, has been placed under house arrest from US immigration detention, immigration officials and her spokeswoman said.

Anna Sorokin is under house arrest in New York City, her spokeswoman, Juda Engelmayer, said.

“Anna now has the opportunity to grow and demonstrate her commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on those she meets,” Englemire said in a statement. “There are obstacles in front of her, and she will approach them with strength and determination, using her experiences and lessons learned.”

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed his release. Sorokin, 31, is fighting deportation in Germany.

He was convicted in 2019 of taking $275,000 from banks, hotels and defrauding New Yorkers to finance his deluxe lifestyle.

Using the name Anna Delvey, she passed herself off as the daughter of a German diplomat, or an oil tycoon, to create the impression she could pay off her debts, prosecutors said. Lied about having a $67 million (€68 million) bankroll overseas. .

Her trial lawyer said she got in over her head when she tried to start a private arts club and planned to pay when she could.

The case became the basis for a Netflix series. Inventing the ego, released this year. Julia Garner received an Emmy Award nomination for her portrayal of Sorokin in the Shonda Rhimes-created drama.

After three years behind bars, Sorokin was released last year and then detained by immigration officials. They argue that he has overstayed his visa and should return to Germany.

An immigration judge on Wednesday cleared the way for Sorokin to be released under house arrest while the deportation fight continues. She wears an ankle monitor and had to post a $10,000 bond, provide an address where she will live, and agree not to post on social media.

Her current attorney, Duncan Levine, said Wednesday that Sorokin wants to focus on appealing her conviction.

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