Jennifer Hale Issues Statement on Bayonetta 3 Boycott Drama

Voice actress Helena Taylor called for a boycott of Bayonetta 3, and her replacement, Jennifer Hale, released a statement.

Bayonetta 3 Voice actress Jennifer Hale has finally broken her silence on recasting the title role. There has been a lot of backlash over the news that Helena Taylor is replacing Hale after she revealed the salary offered on social media.

Taylor called for a boycott. Bayonetta 3 Because of the controversy, and many fans on social media were on board. The consensus was that Platinum Games was going to recast the role with Hale anyway, but parted ways with Taylor in ways that were insulting to the voice actress. Taylor said Platinum Games, publisher of Bayonetta 3, only offered him $4,000 to return for a third installment. Not only that, Taylor claims that the publisher was re-auditioning her for the role. As a result, Taylor and Platinum Games went their separate ways, but not without a lot of damage.

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Hale herself had remained silent on the situation, and by Monday afternoon had broken her silence. Hale took to Twitter to mention that she had signed a non-disclosure agreement, preventing her from discussing the surrounding matters. Bayonetta 3. Hale mentioned that she hopes fans remember that there is a large team of developers working on it. Bayonetta 3 And its gameplay, makes it more than just voice actors who are influenced by reactions.

According to Yusuke Miyata of PlatinumGames, Hale was cast as the voice of Bayonetta after many actors auditioned for the role. Miata added that he understands fans’ concerns about the change, but believes that Hale’s talent made him sound almost like Taylor. Still, this was not enough for many fans who continued to boycott and express their displeasure.

As Bayonetta 3, the release will go as planned. Taylor pointed out that the franchise has grossed more than $450 million, and is still urging fans to boycott. He noted that his personality began to resemble the character he famously played due to the conflict between himself and Platinum Games. Taylor added that people who care deeply about the people affected by the financial decisions of big companies should continue their boycott and that what the publisher offered them was not a remunerative wage. Series creator Hideki Kamiya responded by saying that Taylor’s reaction was “sad and sad”, causing further uproar.

Bayonetta 3 It is scheduled to release on October 28th for the Nintendo Switch.

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