Kanye West Episode of YouTube’s ‘The Shop’ Won’t Run After He Uses “More Hate Speech”

Kanye “Y” West is doubling down on his recent controversial comments, using “more hate speech and more dangerous stereotypes” in a recent taping of a new episode of the YouTube talk show. Shop: Uninterrupted.

Producer behind Shop, played by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, decided against airing the episode. In a statement to The Hollywood ReporterCarter said, “Yesterday we taped an episode. Shop With Kanye West. Kanye was booked weeks ago and, having spoken to Kanye directly the day before we taped, I was confident that he was capable of having a respectful discussion and was willing to address all of his recent comments. Is. Unfortunately, he used Shop More hate speech and repeating the most dangerous stereotypes.

“We have decided not to air this episode or any of Kanye’s comments,” the statement continued. Shop We embrace thoughtful discussion and differing opinions, we have zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind and will never allow our channels to be used to promote hate. I take full responsibility for believing that Kanye wanted a different conversation and apologize to his guests and crew. Hate speech should never have an audience.”

Sources said THR That James was not at the taping in question.

THR YouTube has been contacted for comment.

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