Konami Confirms Silent Hill News is Coming Soon

Konami announced Silent Hill Transmission for this week and launched a new logo in preparation for news about the future of the horror franchise.

gave silent hill It looks like the franchise is showing signs of life, as Konami has launched a new website for the survival horror series and announced Silent Hill Transmission on October 19, promising news about the series’ future. What is it. The announcement comes amid rumors and leaks regarding the reboot. silent hill franchise, with a possible remake also on the way.

There has been a storm of news and rumors regarding this year. silent hill Several insiders on the franchise internet have claimed that Konami plans to bring back the beloved horror series by outsourcing several projects to different studios. One of which includes a remake of the PS2 classic. Silent Hill 2 led by Layers of Fear. Studio, Blubber Team. Recently, fans have discovered an undeclared existence. silent hill The title of the project is Short message By South Korea Rating Board. Additionally, film director Christoph Gans has said that the team is working on more than one Silent. silent hill Plans that would “restore the franchise.”

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All these developments finally culminated in Konami confirming that. silent hill is back in some capacity and is announcing a silent Hill transmission on Wednesday, October 19th at 2pm PDT. Silent Hill Transmission will bring updates about the survival horror series which will likely have a live stream format. Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new one. silent hill A web page on Konami’s website, showing a new logo for the franchise but not showing anything else to users.

Masahito Ito, Team Silent’s art director from 1999 to 2007, retweeted the announcement, raising questions about which teams could be included in Wednesday’s announcement and possibly confirming Christoph Ganz’s claims. . silent hillRevival might not be the only franchise Konami plans to bring back in the coming years. As VGC reported last year, Konami plans to revive its classic. Castlevania And Solid metal gear IP with new games and remakes, but it seems. silent hill It is designated as the first franchise to showcase what Konami has been working on for the past few years.

Historically, silent hill The franchise and PlayStation have had a great working relationship, which raises the question of a possible exclusive deal for the franchise. Over the past year, a recurring detail in the number of silent hill Leaks and rumors were the subject of a PS5 exclusive deal. Perhaps Wednesday’s silent hill transmission could foreshadow even more. silent hill News on a possible PlayStation showcase

silent hill Video game projects are rumored to be in development.

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