Ludwig Wants Twitch to Ban Sliker

After Slacker addressed victims of gambling addiction, Ludwig called on Twitch to go further and ban the streamer from the platform.

Ludwig has come out publicly. to twist Disgraced streamer Slacker banned after admitting to defrauding viewers out of at least $200,000 to fuel gambling addiction. Ludwig posted updates on how he and others dealt with Slacker’s cheating, before pressuring Twitch to go further with the results so far.

Gambling on Twitch has always been a controversial issue, with streamers often going live about the harms of the practice and whether it should be allowed on the streaming platform. The conversation escalated when it was discovered that Slacker was extorting money from fans and colleagues to bet on matches. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. By messaging them privately, he will claim to be in financial difficulties, or that sources of income have not been processed. The $200,000 scandal likely broke the camel’s back and forced Twitch to implement a stricter policy regarding gambling, especially slots, but that wasn’t enough for some. Although Twitch removed the ability to subscribe to Sliker, his channel remains, and he is able to stream from it at the time of writing. Many called for a permanent ban on Slacker, with some promising to try and compensate those affected by the scam.

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Ludwig followed up by posting details of the payout on his Twitter account which added up to $243,653.40, with only $697.40 of that total due to transaction fees. Ludwig added that it was about time for the platform to “do its thing” and remove Slacker from the platform, with many in the thread noting their shock that Twitch had already banned him. was not done. At the end of his update, Ludwig thanked xQc, Slime, and Wojito (OTK’s project manager), respectively, for their generosity, time spent on verification, and payment facilitation. Other answers claimed that they had also sent money to Slacker but it was not returned, suggesting that the actual amount stolen may still be higher.

The aftermath of the scandal turned ugly after an argument between Mizkif and Trainwreckstv over cryptocurrency scams accused the latter of covering up the sexual assault. It was revealed that CrazySlick (a different streamer than Sliker) who was referenced by Trainwreckstv, allegedly assaulted AdrianahLee while she was unconscious during a party.

The reaction to gambling being effectively banned from the platform was overwhelmingly positive, but effectively dissipated after Twitch announced changes to the revenue split between the company and top streamers. With YouTube poaching so much talent from the streaming platform through exclusive and lucrative deals, many assumed that to twist There are difficulties that will not end for some time to come.

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