Ludwig, xQc and More Help Pay Back People Scammed by Twitch Streamer

In the wake of a gambling scandal that has caused a stir. to twist, a team of content creators led by Ludwig, xQc, and more hit back at a Twitch streamer’s scamming victims. The move comes after the streamer allegedly admitted to defrauding his viewers and fellow content creators out of cash.

Good news usually comes after some patch of news on Twitch, especially in the context of TwitchCon. Between the recent doubling down on the 50/50 revenue split, and a streamer breaking his back on the convention floor at a foam pit powered by Lenovo and Intel Gaming, the Amazon-owned streaming service has been embroiled in turbulent times of late. Is.


Twitch streamer xQc says he knew the gambling streams were ‘wrong’

Amid the storm of Twitch problems, Ludwig and his team returned nearly $250,000 to 72 victims, with individual amounts not disclosed. On Twitter, Ludwig publicly thanked xQc for their generosity and financial support, Wojito, OTK’s product manager, for confirming the identities of each victim, and Slime, Ludwig in “The Yard” podcast. Co-host, to ensure the convenience of payments. properly

As for scamming streamers, Slacker recently admitted to their actions. He said he cheated his viewers, and other streamers, out of some money to pay off his gambling addiction, even asking Ludwig and xQc for money to help pay off his debts. However, Sliker’s Twitch account remains active, despite his actions resulting in the termination of his partnership status. Ludwig further called on Twitch to ban Slacker for his behavior and end the scheme.

This news comes after a recent crackdown on gambling on Twitch, which was in response to this particular scandal. The ban covers unregulated gambling sites, but still allows sports gambling and poker, at least in states and countries where such activities are legal and regulated. The crackdown came after reports and public pressure focused on unregulated gambling, and the ban itself was largely applauded on social media.

However, Twitch itself is embroiled in controversy. One of the remaining, outstanding complaints is related to domestic violence, calling for a ban on Mizkaif for allegedly leading the cover-up of the alleged sexual assault of Crayz Silik’s Adriana Lee. Suffice it to say, controversy and late twists go hand in hand. Between that, and a growing number of Twitch streamers leaving for other platforms like YouTube, only time will tell how Amazon or Twitch will weather the storm.

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