Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Notices Interesting Fisk Tower Change in Miles Morales

It seems that despite the supervillains wreaking havoc, the construction crew still finds time to work on Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Oh Spider-Man: Miles Morales When comparing the game’s version of Fisk Tower to the 2018 version, the player notices an interesting detail. Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Miles Morales There is a 2020 sequel. Marvel’s Spider-Man and gives players a chance to swing the streets of New York as a different web slinger. story wise, Spider-Man: Mel Morales Taking place a year after the events of the first game, Peter Parker is largely cut out of the plot to give Miles more time to shine and establish himself as a successful Spider-Man.

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However, there are some important differences. Mel Morales And Marvel’s Spider-Man Sharing the same mechanics, game world, and more. One of the main differences is in the villains the two Spider-Man games face. While 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man Filled with twists on iconic characters like Rhino, Electro, and Dr. Octopus. on the other hand, Spider-Man: Mel Morales The main villain is Tinkerer, the leader of a high-tech criminal army.

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However, even if some of Spider-Man’s many villains don’t make major appearances. Mel Morales, some of them are still showing their influence in New York City. Reddit user 1400Diggg recently posted his interesting discovery around Fisk Tower. Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In 2018 Marvel’s Spider-ManFisk Tower is under construction, but a year later Spider-Man: Miles Morales The building looks complete, serving as another large structure for players to climb and swing over.

Fisk Tower owner Wilson Fisk is also known as Kingpin, a character who appears as an antagonist. Marvel’s Spider-ManBeing Peter Parker’s first major villain. Kingpin also appears in other Marvel media, including his portrayal by Vincent D’Onofrio. fearless And Hockey The show also has a cameo in Kingpin. Spider-Man: Miles Morales And with that little look, knowing that his tower is finished could mark his resurgence in New York City, even as he runs his empire from behind bars. Is.

This description may indicate the return of the Kingpin in. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or could be a great piece of attention to detail from Insomniac. A mod for the PS4 version for those who want to see more Kingpin in their Spider-Man games Marvel’s Spider-Man Made Giant Brawler playable. The PC version of the game is also changing modes that let the player swing around New York, even enabling Kermit to play the frog.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Available now for PS4 and PS5, with the PC version coming on November 18.

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