#MeToo, 5 Years Later: Survey Reports Employees Still Experiencing Abuse, Harassment in Hollywood

Women in Film has released the results of a survey conducted on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. The New York Times Expose Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment and assault, seen as the start of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

The purpose of this survey was to take a look at the perceived changes surrounding misogyny and the culture of misogyny in Hollywood over the past five years. The results show an improvement in awareness of workplace harassment, but the majority of respondents also noted that either they or someone they knew had experienced abuse, harassment and mistreatment in the past five years. continues to face.

More than 70 percent of survey respondents said the culture of abuse, harassment, and misogyny in Hollywood has “improved somewhat,” but notably, 69 percent of respondents had personally experienced abuse in the past five years. or reported experiencing misconduct, after reporting. On Weinstein. (30.9 percent of respondents said abuse or mistreatment had happened to someone they knew.)

Fifty-five percent of people of color surveyed said they had personally experienced abuse or mistreatment in the past five years.

The survey, which opened on September 21, 2022 and closed on October 3, 2022, included responses from 174 individuals, current and former industry employees. 93.6 percent of respondents identified as female, 3.5 percent as male, 2.8 percent as non-binary or other gender, and 1.2 percent as trans. 29 percent of respondents identified as people of color.

Along with the survey results, Women in Film released anonymous stories submitted by survey respondents. Several references were made to women’s gains in positions of power, but harassment and abuse continued.

“Men will say, ‘Don’t report me, but…’ and then proceed to say something inappropriate. It’s like they know it all but choose to play with the boundaries,” one respondent noted. Another said, “Even our unions warn us (when we ask to report misconduct) that if we report it could hurt our careers.”

Complete survey results can be found here along with the WIF Helpline at 855-WIF-LINE, which was launched in 2017 and offers support and resources for those who have experienced discrimination while working in entertainment. , have experienced harassment or abuse.

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